Some aspects of home ownership are more fun than others. For example, while you may love picking out new floor tile for your bathroom, you probably think changing the air conditioning filter on a regular basis seems a little mundane, right? While it can be easy to overlook or put off this task, it’s very important to change your air filters on a regular basis because: 

  1. A dirty air filter causes your system to use more energy, so your electric bill will be higher than it would be with a clean filter. This is because a dirty filter restricts airflow and your AC will have to run longer to keep your home at the desired temperature. According to the Department of Energy, a clean AC filter can reduce energy consumption from 5 to 15%.
  2. A dirty air filter allows dirt and dust to build up on other components of your system, such as your evaporator coil. This can cause a system failure and potentially an expensive repair. On the other hand, a clean AC filter will extend the life of your system.

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When You Should Change Your Air Filter

During the cooling season, which is almost year round in the Naples, Fort Myers, and Port Charlotte, FL areas, air filters should be changed every month or two. However, there are some instances where they may need to be changed more frequently, including:

  • If the AC is in constant use
  • If conditions are particularly dusty
  • If you have furry pets at home

Under no circumstances should you go more than three months without changing the air filter in your Florida home. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve changed your air filters, you should go ahead and change them now!

Benefits of Changing Your Air Filters Regularly

So, now that you know why it’s important, what can you do to make sure the filters in your home are changed on a regular basis? For starters, you need to schedule it on your calendar and have filters on hand. Many busy people find this hard to do and easy to forget with demanding work schedules, busy careers, family time, children’s schedules, and other daily tasks. Although it can be tempting to put off changing a filter until something goes wrong, this simple task can lead to bigger problems down the road.

This is why the professional HVAC technicians at Certified Heating and Cooling recommend a new service by a company called Filter Fetch. They will send a six to 12 month supply of filters right to your home. In most cases, Filter Fetch prices are lower than what you’d pay in a retail store, plus shipping is free. Even better, if the filters you need are not a typical size, or they’re hard to find in stores, Filter Fetch has you covered. To order from Filter Fetch, call Certified Heating and Cooling at (239) 204-4114 and provide our technicians with your filter size(s). We can help you to determine the order code based on the size of your filter. You can then use that code to order directly from the Filter Fetch website or use their toll free number to order filters.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

If your filter is in a hard-to-access area, you might consider purchasing a 4” or 5” filter that will last six months. You might also consider joining our Blue Ribbon Maintenance Plan to make sure your air filters are always in good shape. For a low annual fee, one of our AC technicians will come to your home twice a year to change the filter and perform routine maintenance. This protection plan extends the life of your HVAC equipment and quickly pays for itself in energy and repair savings.

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