A heat pump makes an efficient choice for cooling and occasionally heating your home in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida. At Certified Heating and Cooling, we offer a full list of heat pump services to help keep yours running as it should. During normal operation, your heat pump will make some noises, but if you start noticing unusually loud noises or sounds you haven’t heard before, it can indicate that you have a problem.

By calling for heat pump repair at the first sign of these sounds, you can avoid an uncomfortable breakdown. Here are some common causes of heat pump noises and what you need to know about them.

1. The Motor Isn’t Spinning

If the motor isn’t spinning, it will cause a humming or buzzing noise. This is a serious problem, because if you continue to try to run the unit without fixing it, you run the risk of overheating the motor. This can happen with both the compressor motor and the fan or pump motor, but both require the attention of an expert right away.

2. Problems with the Compressor

If you are hearing a sound like rocks tumbling around in the unit or popcorn being popped inside, it is because the liquid refrigerant is going into the compressor. This is known as liquid refrigerant slugging, and it needs to be checked by a professional technician. If the system is making a rattling sound, it could be because a piston rod in the compressor is loose and is rattling around.

3. Motor Is Going Bad

If the motor is going bad, you may hear high pitched squealing. However, some systems that have screw compressors will have a squeal when they start up, even when functioning normally. This is only an indication of a problem when it is unusual or a new sound. Still, if you are unsure, it’s always better to call for service.

4. Loose Motor Mounts

Heat pumps create vibration with normal operation. To prevent damage to the motor, it is mounted so that it is held firmly in place. If the motor mounts become loose, you may notice loud, metallic banging coming from the system. This is a relatively minor repair, but you need to have it fixed to avoid damage.

5. Refrigerant Leak

If you hear hissing, you have a refrigerant leak. If the leak is making a sound, it’s a large one and will prevent your unit from running in very little time. The sooner you call for service, the better.

Heat Pump Repair in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

If you are noticing weird noises from your heat pump, you need to get it looked at right away. The NATE-certified technicians at Certified Heating and Cooling are ready to help. If you live in Fort Myers, Naples, or Port Charlotte, we can have a certified technician to your home in no time, protecting you from uncomfortable warm temperatures because your heat pump breaks down. Remember, unusual sounds are one of the first warning signs of a problem, so call for service as soon as you notice them.

Contact us today for heat pump service by calling (239) 204-4114! You can also schedule a service or request a free estimate.

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