What’s the Big Deal About HVAC Maintenance?

When your HVAC unit seems to be running smoothly, you’re more likely to disregard the persistent, sometimes annoying reminders about annual check-ups.

Your home is cool and comfortable. The air conditioning unit isn’t making a funny noise or giving off an unusual smell. And, you’ve been diligent about changing the air filters on a regular basis. Why would you pay someone to check on an HVAC unit that you already know is working? What’s the big deal about HVAC maintenance, anyway?

Turns out, the life of your HVAC unit lies in how well it is maintained. Beyond changing the air filter regularly, one of the best ways to ensure your home’s HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency is to have a qualified professional HVAC contractor inspect, service, and clean the system on a biannual basis.

Biannual means two times every year—ideally before the seasons change. This ensures all aspects of your unit are running properly, and allows a professional to catch a small quirk with your system before it turns into a major, costly problem.

Regular HVAC maintenance can increase the energy efficiency of the unit in your home, and it can save you time, money, and frustration down the road by helping you avoid major complications now. An HVAC unit that is well-maintained typically has a longer lifespan than a unit that is left to fend for itself—so don’t wait to schedule your next check-up!

Certified Heating and Cooling’s Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program

At Certified Heating and Cooling, we take HVAC maintenance and customer service very seriously. Our HVAC technicians and friendly staff truly care about our customers and want them to get the most out of their unit. When you partner with us, you’ll feel the difference.

With our Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program, you’ll receive an affordable maintenance agreement that protects the longevity and performance of your HVAC system. We will never sell you equipment you don’t need, and we will do everything we can to help you get the most for your money.

In addition to seasonal tune-ups, our Blue Ribbon Maintenance members will receive:

  • Exclusive discounts – Members receive 15% off on parts and labor for any HVAC repairs they have to schedule.
  • Free reminders – You don’t have to worry about adding HVAC maintenance to your to-do list. We remind you when it’s time to schedule your next appointment.
  • Priority service – Even during peak season, our Blue Ribbon members are our priority.
  • Total satisfaction – We aim for 100% satisfaction, and if you are not happy, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time—no questions asked!

So, now do you understand why HVAC maintenance is such a big deal to us?

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