What Is Thermostat Temperature Differential in Fort Myers, FL?

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Choosing the wrong thermostat will do your home more harm than good. A good thermostat ensures that you stay comfortable and save on electric bills. Get to know more about your thermostat in Fort Myers, FL, by learning what temperature differential means and how it affects your system.

What Is Temperature Differential?

Most thermostats come with a preset temperature for heating or cooling. If you set your cooling temperature at 75 degrees and your thermostat’s preset temperature is 77, the temperature differential is two degrees. Your thermostat only starts cooling when the temperature reaches 77 degrees.

Why Is Temperature Differential Important?

Temperature differential plays a major role in your system. The thermostat cannot be a complete device without temperature differential because it plays a major role in ensuring there is a balance of temperature in the house. Here are some of the most important functions it plays.

It Ensures Efficiency and Saves on Cost

While the differential temperature might be two degrees, the difference will be noticeable. How fast your HVAC unit starts working has a great impact on your comfort and the efficiency of your system. Using a thermostat with the right factual and technical accuracy can save you money on utility bills.

Shorter Differentials Can Increase Energy Consumption

While shorter differentials are the best, they may cause you to pay more than you expected. You will pay more in electricity bills if the system restarts after a short time, and no one wants to be in such a position. You can avoid additional costs by choosing one of our special offers.

The best way to make sure that you get the correct system is by working with the right contractors. Contact us at Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. in Fort Myers, FL, for more details on our HVAC products and services.

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