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If you’re shopping for a new air conditioning system for your home, you’ll come across two-speed and variable-speed AC options. It’s important to understand the different AC compressors so you can purchase the best unit for your needs. We’ll explain all the details so you can find the best AC system for your Naples, Florida, home.


The primary difference between a two-stage air conditioner and a variable speed air conditioner is how they operate. A two-stage system has a compressor that can operate at one of two speeds. This is an improvement over single-stage air conditioners, which are either on or off, always working at full capacity. However, an even better option is a variable-speed unit. This system can operate at a wide range of speeds, which gives it an extreme level of control over how it operates.


A two-stage air conditioner can run at high or low speed. This enables it to blast air forcefully when you need it and provide a lower stream of air for smaller adjustments. A variable-speed AC system operates at several different speeds, some of which are as low as 25 percent or 30 percent of the system’s total capacity. A variable-speed system runs almost continually, so it’s always managing your comfort with small, detailed adjustments for exact comfort levels. When you want temperatures that are as accurate as possible, you need a variable-speed compressor.

Energy Efficiency

Though a variable-speed system runs more often, it’s also the more energy-efficient option. Since it can run at extremely low speeds, it uses only minimal energy to keep your home comfortable. Cycling on and off actually uses more energy than running constantly at a low to moderate speed, so you’ll use less energy with a variable-speed air conditioner.

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