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When the AC functions as it should, it should only make minimal noise in Naples, FL. If something isn’t right, the AC can make sounds such as squealing, hissing, rattling, banging, buzzing, clicking, humming, whistling, clanking and gurgling. Here are some reasons your AC might make weird sounds.

Debris in the AC Cabinet

Your AC cabinet needs to be as free from debris as possible. However, if the air filter clogs or the outdoor unit isn’t in a clear area around it, leaves, dirt, sticks and other items can get into the cabinet. The fan in the condenser can knock these items around and cause a rattling sound.

The debris can damage AC components if you don’t remove it. Find out how the debris got into the cabinet, call a professional duct cleaning service and prevent the dirt from getting into the system in the future.

Broken or Loose Parts

The condenser and the motors running the fans in your air conditioner contain several components. If any of these parts break or loosen, they may cause a rattling sound. The motor sustains damages from wear and tear, while the internal parts might dislodge if there is debris in the unit.

A professional needs to fix the broken and loose parts. The problem might need a simple fix or it might indicate a grave issue waiting to happen.

Misaligned Fans or Damaged Fan Cage

When the fans are in place, they make minimal noise. Over time, the fans misalign, causing them to hit the sides of the enclosing unit. At first, the problem is a simple nuisance, but if left unattended, it can lead to more problems.

If your system produces a rattling sound, we can help fix it. Call Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. today for heating and cooling system installation, replacement, repair and maintenance in Naples, FL.

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