When you live in a climate as warm as Southwest Florida, air conditioning is critical to your comfort and quality of life. One of our most frequently asked questions from clients in the Naples and Ft Myers area is “What is a ductless mini split and is it right for me?” Here is what you need to know to answer that question.

What is a Ductless System?
Ductless a/c systems are also called mini systems or “mini split” systems. Like a traditional system, the air conditioning unit is located outside the home and the air handler is inside. But the big difference is that with a “mini” the air is not delivered by ductwork; it is delivered by a compact air handler mounted into the ceiling, wall or floor.

What are the Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits?
For starters, they are small and offer the flexibility of individual temperature control for each room in your home. This allows them to cover more “zones” than traditional duct delivery systems. One ductless system can run up to four air handlers, so you can have individually controlled delivery systems in up to four different rooms. You can imagine how this gives you maximum flexibility: You could, for example, run the bedrooms cooler at night when you need them cool and warmer in the daytime when you aren’t using them. You could also keep the living spaces warmer at night when you are sleeping and then turn the temperature to a cooler setting for hot, daytime hours.

Energy Savings is a Major Benefit!
From the standpoint of individually controlled temperature by zones and usage needs alone, you can immediately see how a ductless mini split will save on energy bills. Ductless mini splits also save energy because when you eliminate duct work, you reduce energy loss: Ductwork in traditional systems always leak some cooled air. The problem is compounded in Florida where ductwork is typically run through hot attic spaces. Not only is cooled air “lost” in the attic through leakage, but cooled air in the ducts is warmed by the surrounding hot air in the attic. The result is loss of efficiency, resulting in higher energy bills.

Is Ductless Installation a DIY Project?
No, we strongly recommend an appointment with a Certified A/C installation contractor at your home to evaluate your needs. Our ac installation technician can evaluate what size system will be adequate for the size of your rooms. Small rooms may require 5-6,000 BTU systems, while larger rooms could demand 10,000-12,000 BTUs for efficient cooling. Our technicians can determine optimum system size, as well as the best type of Air Handling Unit (AHU) for your situation. AHUs can be wall or ceiling mounted; they can also be installed in the floor. Professional air conditioning installation is required and our technicians are highly skilled in ductless system installation.
Certified Heating & Cooling is one of the most recommended, most trusted a/c installation companies in the Naples/Ft Myers area, we are a preferred vendor for Mitsubishi.  Call us at (239) 204-4114 for a no-obligation, free estimate on a ductless mini split for your home or business.

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