What Are the Benefits of Aeroseal Duct Sealing?


As you use your air conditioning and heating systems, your air ducts expand and contract. This is a normal part of the heating and cooling process over time, but it can lead to leaks in the air ducts. Leaks hurt the efficiency and effectiveness of your Fort Myers home’s comfort systems, but Certified Heating and Cooling has a solution. With our Aeroseal® air duct sealing services, you can limit these risks and enjoy better home comfort. Here are five benefits you will enjoy when you invest in Aeroseal air duct sealing.

1. Improved Home Comfort

Aeroseal eliminates leaks in your ductwork that may be robbing certain areas of your home from the cooled or heated air that you need to stay comfortable. If you have rooms that are extra hot or extra cool, it may be due to these duct leaks. Aeroseal helps protect your family’s comfort by stopping the lost air and putting it back where it belongs—in the rooms you use!

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Every day when you breathe the air inside your home, you also breathe dust particles, dander, pollen, pollutants, and even mold. If those items find a way into your air ducts, the problem intensifies. Sealing your ducts helps eliminate access, so these contaminants stay out of your circulating air. While this won’t solve all of your indoor air quality concerns, it can make a significant dent in the amount of trouble you have.

3. Improved Home Safety

Indoor air quality puts your home and its occupants at risk. Dust and dander can make allergies worse, while mold spores can actually cause damage to the structure of your home. By having you ducts sealed and investing in other indoor air quality systems, you can lessen the risk significantly.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

Leaks in your ducts allow the conditioned air to seep into the crawlspace or attic, where it does your family no good. This wastes your energy dollars, leaving you with less money in your pocket to enjoy the Florida sunshine and all of the fun things to do in and around Fort Myers and Naples. By sealing your ducts, you keep your conditioned air where it’s supposed to be!

5. Better Technology

Why does Certified Heating and Cooling use Aeroseal air duct sealing? Aeroseal uses the latest technology to improve the sealing process, overcoming many of the limitations of traditional air duct sealing.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

If you want to enjoy these benefits in your home, Certified Heating and Cooling is happy to offer them. Our certified HVAC technicians are trained to perform Aeroseal air duct cleaning, so your family can be confident that your HVAC system is running efficiently. With this exceptional technology and our attention to detail, your air ducts will be fully sealed, which can improve indoor air quality and your system’s efficiency.

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