Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program

what's the big deal about hvac maintenance?
Like your vehicle, every heating and cooling system requires TLC to function at its best. Studies prove that routine HVAC maintenance extends the life of your system, and that’s good news for your comfort and budget. When you join the Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program, you’ll receive an affordable agreement that protects the longevity and performance of your HVAC equipment. And, your investment pays for itself through energy and repair savings!
what's the big deal about hvac maintenance?

In today’s service industries, true customer care is increasingly scarce. When you partner with Certified Heating and Cooling Inc., you’ll feel the difference. Arriving in well-maintained vehicles, our uniformed technicians are polite, attentive, and tidy. We respect your time, so we arrive on time. We treat your home and property as if it were our own. Most importantly, we provide you with the solutions that best suit your budget and comfort needs. No hard sells, and no obligation.

what's the big deal about hvac maintenance?
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what's the big deal about hvac maintenance?

Program advantages include:

  • Increased system lifespan. The number one reason for early system failure is dirt and debris buildup. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer—and performs stronger.
  • Lower utility bills. When your equipment is clean and maintained, it doesn’t have to work as hard. That means it uses less energy, so you pay
    for less energy.
  • Peace of mind. Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program members can rest assured that their system is safety-checked, saving them money, and
    functioning properly.
  • Preventative care. Aging HVAC systems are prone to more problems. During maintenance visits, our technicians can pinpoint potential concerns before they become costly emergencies.
  • A valued partnership. Certified Heating and Cooling technicians are the best in the region. Certified and experienced, they guarantee their workmanship and provide customer-focused support throughout your visit.
Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program members enjoy a variety of benefits. First, you’ll receive 20-point seasonal inspections. During each inspection, your technician will:

  1. Check system for proper refrigeration charge.
  2. Check & clean evaporator coil.
  3. Check & clean condenser coil.
  4. Check compressor & fan amps.
  5. Check blower amps.
  6. Clean & flush condensate drain lines.
  7. Clean & vacuum drain pan.
  8. Treat drain pan with algaecide.
  9. Check duct connections.
  10. Lubricate operating parts where applicable.
  11. Check all electrical connections & wires.
  12. Replace belts as needed.
  13. Clean & adjusting blower components.
  14. Change & wash filters. (Additional cost for specialized filters.)
  15. Check thermostat operation & mounting.
  16. Check heat strip amps & operation.
  17. Check reversing valve operation on heat pumps.
  18. Check contactor points.
  19. Check safety controls where applicable.
  20. Check final performance & report necessary improvements.
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