Estero, FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. is Estero, Florida’s most trusted HVAC expert, serving Lee County and the surrounding areas with fairness, honesty and integrity since 2006. Based on our years of experience, we have evaluated thousands of HVAC systems and can educate you on how your system works, helping you to decide on the solution that is right for your home or business.


Estero, Florida Heating and Air Conditioning

Forced air heating systems and single-stage air conditioners are the most common ways Estero residents heat and cool their homes. Our certified technicians are trained to repair, replace and maintain these systems, in addition to other heating and cooling systems. We stay up-to-date on latest HVAC developments and make recommendations to our customers based on current technology without ever being pushy. We truly love our work and want to ensure your comfort.

Air Conditioning Service

Prevent air conditioning problems before they start with proper maintenance of your system. If Estero is your winter home, ensure your air conditioner is serviced after every period of vacancy. Bi-yearly maintenance is highly recommended throughout Lee County because of its pollution index and proximity to sandy beaches, hurricane brownouts and year-round air conditioner use. Nights can feel like winter all but four months of the year though, especially during weather events, so maintaining your heater is just as crucial.

The Best Air Conditioning Repair in Estero

Despite regular maintenance, air conditioners may sometimes need repair. Signs that your air conditioner needs attention include strange sounds and smells, low airflow, warm air blowing or no air blowing at all.

Many air conditioning repairs are covered by a product or home warranty. Even if yours is not, Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. has programs and financing to accommodate any budget.

Whether you vacation in Estero or call it home, you can trust Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. with all your heating and air conditioning needs. Emergency and next-day appointments are available. Many questions can be answered over the phone. Contact us today to discuss your HVAC concerns and schedule your no-obligation evaluation!

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