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Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. has been the most referred and trusted air conditioning installation contractor serving the Fort Myers and surrounding areas since 2006. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art HVAC products to every client. Our highly skilled comfort specialists install, repair, replace and maintain air conditioning units, and they take pride in serving our customers with a superior level of competency and honesty.

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Fort Myers Heating and Air Conditioning

The various parts of HVAC systems work together to heat and cool water, refrigerants and air to provide you with a clean, comfortable environment. The main components of HVAC systems include furnaces, boilers, coils, fans, filters, heat exchangers, refrigerant lines, ducts and vents, pumps, chillers, compressors, condensers and cooling towers, all of which need to be cared for.

When one of these parts malfunctions, not only can it affect your comfort level and air quality, but it can also affect your safety. With air conditioners in the area often running year-round, staying on top of your air conditioner’s health is especially important. Even Florida winters can get chilly, though, so be sure not to neglect the heating part of your HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Service You Can Trust

Air conditioning maintenance service can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Have your air conditioner serviced at least yearly, especially if it is fatigued from an especially hot and humid Fort Meyers summer.

Your air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor coils, fins and filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly. Fans, bulbs, valves and compressors must be inspected, tuned, or even replaced to keep your system running most efficiently. During maintenance of your air conditioning system, we check to make sure your refrigerant is the type recommended by your manufacturer’s specifications, we check the refrigerant level and ensure that your system’s refrigerant has not been discontinued.

Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. Air Conditioning Repair in Fort Myers

From your heat exchanger to evaporator coils and condensing unit, Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. will explain to you in simple-to-understand terms how your HVAC system functions. We will then walk you through every step of our diagnostics before we begin repairs, showing you exactly which parts need to be repaired or replaced and why.

Before undertaking any major air conditioning repair, we first check to ensure simple maintenance or if a small fix might resolve the issue, such as opening or closing dampers or repairing a duct yourself. Knocking and leaking also usually require just a simple, quick fix. If your issue is more complex, such as a malfunctioning motor, we can usually repair or find replacement parts in a matter of hours to two days.

Whether you need air conditioning service, air conditioning repair or general HVAC maintenance, Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. can help. We offer fair prices, guarantee satisfaction and if for any reason you’re unhappy with our work, we will rectify the issue or give you a refund. Call Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. in Fort Myers for HVAC maintenance or a repair quote today!

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