Don’t Wait Til The Power’s Out To Get Your Whole-Home Generator

Whole-home generators protect you during power outages.

That means your refrigerators and freezers will keep running—you won’t have to throw away loads of groceries. Your lights will remain on—keep those candles for the next romantic dinner! And, your Wi-Fi will keep working—stay up to date on the latest reports about the cause of your service interruption!

Likewise, your heating and cooling system won’t miss a beat— you’ll be cool and comfortable no matter how hot and humid it is outside—for as long as you need! Your water, whether city or well, will continue to flow so that you and your family can stay hydrated and bathe as usual—no matter how long your services are interrupted! And, your sump pump will remain powered so that can avoid costly flooding and water damage.

More and more Southwest Florida homeowners are investing in standby AKA whole-home generators. With all the unpredictable weather and surprise outages, it’s not hard to see why. But with a constant supply of electricity from your whole-home generator, you’ll always be prepared. You can trust our team at Certified Heating and Cooling to help you choose and install a generator that meets all your needs.

How Do Whole-Home Generators Operate?

Whole-home generators sit on a concrete pad outside your Fort MyersNaples or Estero home. They’re sometimes referred to as fixed standby generators. Whenever there is an outage or your equipment malfunctions, your generator kicks on. It automatically begins powering your home.

When the generator detects a disruption in the current, an automatic transfer switch disconnects from your utility and sends electricity to your panel. Running on your home’s natural gas line or through a connected propane tank. On propane, your generator can keep your home powered for days or weeks, but your generator can run indefinitely with natural gas. And when the electric company restores service, your generator will return to standby mode. All without you having to do a thing!

What Are Some Advantages Over a Portable Generator?

Portable generators are excellent for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating. They are designed to power individual items like lights or appliances.

However, they don’t provide nearly as much power as whole-home generators. Portable generators are also more prone to overheating or energy overload and must be stored at least 20 feet from your home to avoid possible CO poisoning.

Furthermore, these models aren’t protected from the elements, so they will need to have a model-specific cover or a freestanding canopy. You will also need to store large quantities of gasoline, mixed with a fuel stabilizer to get through a prolonged outage. And while some models run on diesel, liquid propane or even natural gas, most of these fuel types are scarce in times of inclement weather or natural disaster, making a portable generator the lesser option.

While whole-home generators are an investment, they are permanent home fixtures that ensure you’ll never be without power again! Even if your home loses power while you’re away, you can be sure your appliances will keep working! Whole-home generators also increase your home value. So, whether you plan on selling anytime in the future or you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to sell, a whole-home generator is a worthwhile investment and will increase the equity in your home!

The bottom line: being able to rely on having power no matter what—even in a region notorious for regular power loss, such as ours—is priceless!

Whole-Home Generator Installation and Replacement

Looking for a fantastic upgrade to your home? Our team at Certified Heating and Cooling is just a phone call away. Standby or whole-home generators will require close planning with our Certified Electricians. Different homes have different appliances and energy usage needs. We want to be sure we find one that works best for you, your home and your budget!

We will also help determine a solution that works with your budget. These generators work with gas, diesel, or oil. Schedule an installation online today for a free consultation estimate from one of our Certified Electricians.

Be sure to ask about our convenient financing options and quick approval process.

Whole-Home Generator Repairs

Your generator has one job and plenty of downtime. Whole-home generators sometimes fall prey to issues like clogged fuel filters, coolant leaks, and battery failures. Our team of specialists is adept at problem-solving. Even if it’s a complex issue, we can bring your generator back online in no time.

We value transparency—that’s why our team members always give our customers an honest upfront estimate before performing any fixes. We’re confident in the job we do, which is why we offer competitive warranties. Schedule a repair online today.

Whole-Home Generator Maintenance

Your generator backs you up. Do you back your generator up? Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid generator breakdowns and preserve its lifespan. Since your generator is an asset that increases your home value, it’s a great idea to protect it.

Generators require yearly maintenance from a professional. Just like your car, generators need an oil change to keep the parts running smoothly. Your technician will also need to replace your filter and occasionally change out spark plugs.

Many of the broken generators we repair could have been resolved during a maintenance visit, saving time and money. Schedule maintenance online today for a visit from one of our friendly team members.

You can also join our Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program. Together, we’ll set up a maintenance schedule that works for you—we will even call you when you’re due for a check-up. You’ll also receive discounts, priority service and more.

Install Your Whole-Home Generator Right Away!

Don’t wait for the next power outage. Certified Heating and Cooling is pleased to offer our expertise and years of customer service to the community in Fort MyersNaplesEstero and surrounding communities. Call us today at 239-205-8342 or request service online to learn more about installation, repairs or maintenance of whole-home generators.

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