Upgrade Your Home With Blown In Cellulose Or Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Installing the right HVAC system in your Fort Myers or Naples home is important, but you need a home that is going to be energy efficient as well. At Certified Heating and Cooling Inc., we offer blown-in (or “blow-in”) insulation services, as well as AttiCat Blown-In Insulation to make sure your investment in a quality heating and air conditioning system can give you the low utility bills you deserve. Plus, an efficient home cooling system can provide comfort for you and your family during the Florida heat.

Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

When choosing insulation for your home, you have plenty of options. However, there are many factors and elements that you should consider before making a decision. For example, how big is your home, how old is it, and how many people live there? Are the weather patterns extreme or mild throughout the various seasons?

In the Fort Myers, Naples, Estero, Sanibel Captiva and Bonita Springs areas of Florida, the temperatures remain relatively warm all year long. During the summer, the heat can become nearly unbearable — making home comfort an even bigger priority. So, here are some reasons why blown-in insulation could be a great choice:

  • It’s more efficient. This type of insulation is energy efficient and, in turn, more cost-effective in the long-term. It expands to fill up even the tiniest of cracks, and when installed properly, can create a nearly airtight seal in your insulated area.
  • Professional installation is relatively quick. The process for installing blown-in insulation doesn’t take as much time as some other forms of insulation. Professional HVAC technicians use a hose to blow the material into the designated space to create a seamless thermal protection system.
  • It’s a good investment. Blown-in insulation may have a higher upfront cost, but the money you spend now can save you more in the long-term when it comes to your energy bills.

Since the material used for blown-in insulation is very small, it is able to efficiently fill any air leaks or cracks you may have. Plus, since it’s moisture resistant, it can help to prevent rotting in your insulated space. While working to eliminate the possibility of strange odors or damage to your home, blown-in insulation can also keep your home more comfortable — and more affordable.

Blown-In Attic Insulation in Naples, Estero & Fort Myers, FL

At Certified Heating and Cooling Inc., we can assist you with more than just your HVAC needs. Our NATE-certified comfort specials are professional and experienced with home cooling systems in the Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Captiva and Estero areas of Florida.

We know how to diagnose any cooling inefficiencies or air leaks in your home. Plus, we can walk you through the various options of how to get your home as energy efficient as possible based on your specific situation.

In addition to HVAC, we also specialize in air quality control and insulation installation. If you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills and increase energy efficiency, blown-in insulation is what you need!

The installation is quick and easy, and our professionals can answer any questions you may have before leaving your home. Your quality of life is our priority, and we are eager to improve your home comfort.

For all of your blown-in insulation installation needs in Florida, call the professionals at Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. today or contact us online now.

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we offer blown-in (or “blow-in”) insulation services, as well as AttiCat Blown-In Insulation

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