Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean To Avoid Potential Hazards

Have you had your dryer vents cleaned recently? If not, it’s very important to have done. In fact, we feel so strongly about it, we offer Naples and Fort Myers area dryer vent cleaning as a separate service in addition to heating and air conditioning.



According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 15,000 fires per year are the result of residential clothes dryers — that’s quite a few house fires caused by clogged dryer vents.

Don’t let your house be next — contact Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. to schedule your dryer vent cleaning appointment now!

What Causes Dryer Vent Fires?

Over time, there can be a heavy accumulation of lint that builds up inside the exhaust line coming from your clothes dryer. A dryer’s lint filter catches only a fraction of the lint produced. Even if you’re faithful in removing lint from the filter after each load, the lint in your line will still build up.

As the lint accumulates in the line, it restricts air flow, which causes the appliance to operate at much higher temperatures. According to research by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a 75% blocked exhaust duct elevates the exhaust air temperature by over 85% of its normal operating temperature — which is insanely high.

Lint from clothing is very flammable. The higher the temperatures produced by a clogged line, the higher the chances of lint catching on fire. If lint catches on fire, the draft from the flames can spread the fire into the exhaust duct, and then can catch an entire house or building on fire.

In addition to lint buildup, all too often a duct run isn’t done properly, which only exacerbates the problem. Don’t be a victim of a dryer fire — have your dryer vents properly cleaned.

Signs You Are in Need of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer fires don’t normally start without any prior warning. Fortunately, there are some preemptive warning signs that can let you know something is wrong. Be wary, though — because if the vents have been clogged for a long time, you could be used to some of these signs and assume they are just normal characteristics of your appliance.

Some of the common warning signs to look for are:

  • Clothes take a long time to dry
  • Clothes seem to be hotter than they should be at the end of a cycle
  • Dryer feels too hot
  • Temperature in the laundry room rises
  • Moisture stains appear around the dryer exhaust area

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Fort Myers, Naples & the Surrounding Areas!

Some homeowners have lost entire homes to dryer vent fires — don’t let it happen to you.

In addition to our heating and air services, Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. performs a check-up and cleaning of your dryer vents. Enjoy peace of mind that your home is safe from this potential hazard.

Don’t risk your home — grab the phone and dial (239) 205-8342. As with all of our services, Fort Myers dryer vent cleaning service from Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. is done with great attention to detail. Our friendly, trained comfort specialists will ensure your vents are clean and the line is installed correctly. Your family’s safety is our top priority!

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