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Take control of your air. If you’re ready for healthy, clean air in your home, add a Trane filter, humidifier, or ventilator. With Trane’s zoning system, you can direct heated or cooled air where it needs to be. Room by room, you’ll enjoy steady comfort on demand.

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CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner

Setting the standard in air quality, the Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner uses revolutionary technology that supplies your home with a cleaner, healthier environment, allowing you to breathe easier – literally. Remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles with our air cleaner for your home and say goodbye to worrying about breathing in harmful bacteria or allergens.

Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ Certified

Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. With more than 60 million Americans suffering from asthma and allergies, this certification mark guides consumers in identifying products more suitable for people with asthma and allergies. The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Mark is awarded only to those products that that are scientifically proven to reduce exposure to asthma and allergy triggers.

Highest Efficiency

Standard air cleaners have filters that are very dense, so they stop the dust by trapping it in a slightly porous filter. The fewer the pores, the more dust it can trap. However, this not only stops the dust and dirt, but it also stops the air from moving as well. So, you may not be as comfortable, and less air is cleaned efficiently. This is called pressure drop. The revolutionary Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner has the lowest pressure drop with the highest efficiency possible.

Small Particles, Large Effects

Particles like dust, smoke and bacteria are often .3 microns or less. At that size, allergens can get deep into your lungs because they aren’t filtered well by your nose and throat. An effective Trane air cleaner, such as Trane CleanEffects™, can reduce the presence of potential asthma and allergy attack triggers in your home, like dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, most tobacco smoke, cooking grease, and even bacteria.

Patented Innovation

The Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner utilizes patented, breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to an astounding 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter. It catches particles as small as .1 micron, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter.

Verified by Harvard Experts

Trane CleanEffects™ has been performance-tested by LMS Technologies and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E), with the results verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health, so you know you are getting an air cleaner for your home like no other.

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trane quikbox filter

QuikBox™ Filter

For efficient removal of household dust and allergens a Trane Envirowise QuikBox air filter is a sensible and affordable solution for all homes. Our perfect fit design filters, available in 9 sizes, match our equipment for neat and easy install.

The Right Choice

A Trane Envirowise Quikbox air filter is an integral part of a whole home comfort system that protects your equipment as well as your family by filtering dust and allergens from the air you breathe. The Quikbox filter can last up to 6 months and is easily replaceable by you or your installer.

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trane slim fit filter rack

SlimFit Filter Rack

The SlimFit Filter Rack comes in made-to-fit cabinet sizes for TEM3, TEM4, and TEM6 air handlers. The hinged front panel allows easy filter access, and the filter lasts up to 90 days. The MERV 4-rated pleated filter captures allergens and pet dander between 3 and 10 microns range. The SlimFit Filter Rack will also accommodate off-the-shelf retail filters.

    • Made-to-fit cabinet sizes for TEM3, TEM4 and TEM6 Air Handlers
    • Polystate Gray 18 gauge steel painted frame to match TEM cabinet
    • Low profile 2″ depth cabinet
    • Hinged front door for easy filter replacement
    • Service First MERV 4 rated pleated filter included for recurring revenue on SlimFit sizes. Will also accommodate off-the-shelf retail filters.
    • Easy installation and competitively priced with EZ Box and Miami Tech
    • Proudly made in the USA
    • MERV 4 rated pleated filter enables recommended equipment protection and captures allergens and pet dander between 3 and 10 microns range
    • Filter lasts up to 90 days
    • Hinged front panel allows easy filter access

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trane fresheffects


Trane FreshEffects™ Energy Recovery Ventilator provides a whole-house solution for fresh air ventilation. Trane FreshEffects exhausts stale indoor air and brings in fresh, preconditioned, outdoor air, so your home can be a cleaner, more enjoyable place to live. This ventilator also decreases the level of odors, chemical vapors and naturally occurring gases that become trapped in tightly sealed homes. Plus, with its quiet operation and durable components, you can count on fresh air from Trane FreshEffects for years to come.

Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air

This home ventilator removes stale indoor air for an equal amount of fresher outdoor air.

Increased Comfort

The FreshEffects™ energy recovery ventilator retains heat and moisture from exchanged air in winter, but pre-conditions and dehumidifies incoming air in summer-so your home is more comfortable year-round.

Energy Efficient

Transfers energy from the air being exhausted from inside to the air being drawn in from outside, making for a more energy-efficient home.

Easy to Use

Adjustable control provides 24/7 automatic ventilation

Durable Construction

Our home ventilator cabinets are powder-coated, and all component materials are rigorously tested for long-lasting performance and durability.

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envirowise 70v dehumidifier

70V Dry+ Ventilating Dehumidifier™

The Envirowise 70V Dry+ Ventilating Dehumidifier has built-in dual application. Use as a stand alone dehumidifier, or duct it to your HVAC system, to keep your home’s air dry in the summer. The 70V can be used as a dedicated ventilator to bring fresh air into your home on a schedule determined by you and your dealer.

Increased Home Comfort

For use in homes up to 3,000 square feet, the 70V Dry+ Ventilating Dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints of moisture a day when used as a whole home dehumidifier. This ensures your home’s air stays comfortable, no matter your climate.

Flexible Installation

The small footprint design of this unit allows for flexible installation in areas like attics, basements, crawl spaces, utility areas, or closets. Use as a stand-alone unit, connect to central grilles, or simply connect to your existing ductwork for use with your system fan to deliver whole-house dehumidification or ventilation.

Easy To Use

This Energy Star rated unit is designed to “set it and forget it”. The enthalpy control allows for automatic adjustment of outside air based on 3 climate zone settings. This means that the unit will sense changes in the air outside and automatically turn on your compressor and dry the incoming air before it enters your home making it ideal for humid climates and improving upon your overall home comfort and energy efficiency.

Nexia Integration

Connect the 70V Dry+ Ventilating Dehumidifier to your Nexia enabled thermostat and have remote control capability from almost anywhere when using your smart phone, tablet or computer. This unit can also be connected to a dedicated wall mounted control– Either way you have control over your comfort at your fingertips.

Smart Humidity Control Solution

A whole home dehumidifier is a better way to solve humidity concerns in your home. Over cooling by turning down the AC temperature costs more to operate during the summer and AC does not provide comfort during the spring and fall seasons when outside temperatures will not allow the AC to run.

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trane zoning

ComfortLink™ II

With Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ II Zoning System, you’ll be able to direct more heated or cooled air where it is needed – and less where it isn’t. Room by room or zone by zone, you will enjoy steady precise comfort on demand.

Most homes don’t get the same amount of sun or shade all day, so why would you expect to need the same type of cooling or heating all day? With Trane’s ComfortLink™ II Zoning system, you can set a schedule based on your home’s unique temperature patterns and control it all from wherever life takes you with our exclusive Nexia™ system. Every ComfortLink II Control comes with remote “climate access”, allowing you to monitor and control your zoning system through any web-enabled device.

Trane ComfortLink™II Control

The Trane ComfortLink II™ Control is at the heart of your zoning system. It’s more than a thermostat-it’s an easy-to-use advanced command center that provides a seamless interface between your system and your life.

Wired Zone Thermostat/Sensor

The Trane ComfortLink™ II Control acts as both a sensor and a zone thermostat. Temperature data is relayed to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, which allows temperature adjustment of an individual zone. It’s the perfect zoning system for a master bedroom or guest room.

Wired Zone Sensor

This sensor provides temperature data to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, allowing heated and cooled air to be directed where it’s needed. The temperature in zones with a Wired Zone Sensor is adjusted using the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control. This zoning system works well for a child’s room or hallway.

Motorized Modulating Dampers

Trane’s exclusive motorized modulating dampers work inside your ductwork by opening and closing in partial increments so you can fine-tune zoned areas for maximum comfort.

Synchronized Comfort

Connect your Trane ComfortLink™ II Control and zoning equipment to a perfectly matched Trane variable-speed indoor unit and multi-stage outdoor unit and you’ll see for yourself. Every component is designed to work in harmony with the others-optimizing your comfort and energy use combined with the enhanced humidity control you’ll only find with a Trane matched system.

Complete Comfort Control – From Anywhere

By partnering with Schlage® to offer Nexia™ home automation, every ComfortLink™ II Control comes with remote climate access, allowing you to remotely monitor and control your zoning system through any wed-enabled device.

Always Control Clean Air Output

For cleaner air on demand, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control can boost your system’s filtered air output for three hours at a time using the Quick Clean setting or for 24 consecutive hours by using the Allergy Clean setting.

Always Prepared

Using your wireless network, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control can display live weather data for your area, including forecasts, weather radar and alerts, so you know what to expect when you open the door.

Always Informed

System alerts and reminders are clearly displayed on the screen, so you’ll know system and filter status at a glance.

Always in Touch

For your convenience, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control will display your dealer’s contact information if service or regular maintenance is required.

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