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Packaged System

Air conditioning and heating in a single footprint.

Split systems have their name because the air conditioner (or heat pump) is located outside the home, and the rest of the equipment is located inside the home. Sometimes however, this isn’t ideal for every home or building, and a packaged system can be a better solution.

Packaged systems can be all cooling or heat and cooling in a variety of combinations. They are mounted on the roof, or on a slab in the yard. A drawback of a packaged system is they do not offer the efficiency of a split heating and air conditioning system.

We’re a Naples and Fort Myers air conditioning and heating company who offers installation, maintenance and repair for packaged heating and cooling systems.

Trane® Packaged System Information

Efficient performance

The Trane XL15c offers up to 15 SEER and is Energy Star qualified.

Year-round durability

Exclusive components like a Spine Fin™ coil, Weather Beater™ Top and the variable-speed Vortica™ blower motor with Comfort-R™ will deliver the sustained performance you expect year after year.

Quiet operation

Ultra quiet operation delivers cool comfort without disrupting your home environment.

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