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Heating & Cooling Products

At Certified Heating and Cooling, we only use top-notch, high-quality heating and air conditioning products from brands you trust. Our NATE-certified technicians want to make sure every single customer has a positive experience during our service visits, and part of that is making sure we’re using the best equipment for your specific needs. Since customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us, we strive to meet or exceed your expectations by getting the job done right the first time we come to your house.

Interested in learning more about the products we use for HVAC installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance services in Fort Myers and Naples, FL? Consult our product list and then give us a call today at (239) 205-8342 to take the first step towards better indoor comfort in your Florida home!


These digital control centers make home comfort easy—even during the hot Florida summers! Our thermostats are simple to program and incredibly easy-to-read, giving your home a high-tech feel without breaking the bank. With a reliable thermostat, you can quickly take control of your home comfort! If you’re looking for an easier way to control the temperature in your home, schedule a thermostat installation with the professionals at Certified Heating and Cooling today!

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners can make a Florida summer much more bearable. When the outdoor temperatures rise, don’t let the temperatures inside your home do the same. Stay cool and comfortable with a reliable and efficient AC unit from one of our top-notch brands, like Trane, Rheem or Prestige. If you already have an air conditioner but it’s giving you trouble, don’t suffer under the summer sun. Schedule an air conditioner replacement, repair, or maintenance service now!

Air Filtration Systems

Honeywell Air Cleaner

Do you want cleaner, healthier air in your Florida home?  An electronic air cleaner can make a massive difference in your indoor air quality and overall home comfort. By removing or reducing pollutants, bacteria, and other chemicals that have made their way into your home, you’ll be providing a safer environment for your entire family.  At Certified Heating and Cooling, we carry Honeywell TrueCLEAN Air Filtration Systems, which are efficient, easy to operate, and incredibly quiet. Our technicians also provide various other indoor air quality and air filtration services.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini-splits are great for heating or cooling individual rooms in your Florida home. If you have an enclosed patio, room additions, or a garage that doesn’t have ductwork, a ductless heat pump is the perfect solution. Plus, ductless systems can save you money and energy! In addition to carrying Mitsubishi® Mini-Split Systems, we also install, repair, and replace ductless systems in Fort Myers and Naples!



It can be hard to keep the humidity levels balanced in your home, but humidifiers and dehumidifiers make it much easier! Our top-of-the-line humidifiers and dehumidifiers can make your home feel cooler and more comfortable without bringing the dampness of a Florida summer indoors! Monitoring and adjusting the humidity levels in your home can also help to protect your furniture and improve your health. If you’ve noticed your wood floors are cracking or you have a persistently dry and itchy throat without explanation, try out our Honeywell TrueDRY™ dehumidification system today!

UV Lamps

UV lamps can be used in the coil and in the ducts to kill mold and other airborne contaminants before they circulate throughout your FL home. This also includes viruses and bacteria that could make you and your family sick. UV Lamps like the Honeywell® UV Light and the Air Knight IPG Air Purification System can also help to eliminate odors in your home and improve overall indoor air quality!

Heat Pumps

Heat PumpHeat pumps cool your home like a traditional air conditioning system, but they also have the capacity to heat your home when winter brings those cooler nights as well! These are great for Florida residents because you don’t have to worry about maintaining and servicing two different units when the seasons change. Reliable and efficient, heat pumps are a great alternative to a central AC unit. Let the professionals at Certified Heating and Cooling install a heat pump in your home today!

Packaged Systems

Packaged systems are the cure for indoor space constraints because they allow your heating or cooling unit to exist solely outdoors in one system. You can also choose where you want your packaged system to be located, whether on the roof or somewhere in your yard. We have several different packaged system offerings because they are very reliable and durable systems.

Surge Protectors

Don’t let yourself get stuck with a damaged air conditioning or heating system due to a power surge. You might think a bad storm is the only time this can happen, but power surges can occur for many other reasons as well. A surge protector can save you from expensive heating and cooling system repairs, so be sure to protect your investment before it’s too late!

HVAC Products in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

Our team of professionals is eager to make your Florida home more comfortable for you and your family. Certified Heating and Cooling provides HVAC products and services for homeowners in Fort Myers and Naples because we know how hard it can be to battle the heat and humidity in this area. We offer an extensive list of HVAC products that are reliable, trustworthy, energy efficient, and cost effective. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list and we aim to offer quality service each and every time we visit your home.

For more information on our heating and cooling products available in Florida, just give us a call at (239) 205-8342 or fill out our online contact form!