Modern thermostats can do so much more than regulate temperature. Old school thermostats required manual control to maintain a chosen temperature; these thermostats were not very precise. Next, digital thermostats came along: they were easier to regulate and soon after, programmable digital thermostats hit the market. These let you set up temperature changes for specific times of day to keep your home comfortable, while saving money on your energy bills. Now, Trane makes thermostats that allow you to automate not just home temperatures, but various electronic functions in your Naples,Ft. Myers and Cape Coral  home.

What is home automation?

A home automation system allows you to remotely access and regulate various “smart” home products via the Internet. For example, you can raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat, lock or unlock doors, turn lights and security systems off or on, etc. Compatible “smart products” are added to your system and managed through a centralized gateway in your home known as the “hub”; the homeowner uses the hub to wirelessly monitor, access and change settings on components via smartphone, tablet or computer. Of course, the home must have internet service.

The Trane XL824/XL850 Thermostat: Gateway to Home Automation

Both the Trane XL824 and XL850 are “smart thermostats” that have a Nexia bridge inside, so they work not only as programmable/remotely accessible thermostats, but they are also the hub for a home automation system. You do not need to buy another bridge or hub to add other smart components to your system. If used as a hub for your home automation system, it can be used to control smart door locks, lightingcameras and security systems, for example.

However, even if not used as a home automation hub, the Nexia XL824/SL850 allows you to remotely adjust heating and cooling so that your home is comfortable when you or family members arrive. It can send you an email when home temperatures are out of range, when thermostat adjustments are made and when it is time for a/c maintenance. If you own a seasonal Naples, Ft Myers or Cape Coral home, the thermostat lets you remotely control heating and cooling as seasons change. It gives you the information you need to schedule an appointment with an ac installation contractor to take care of any cooling or heating problems before they get worse.

The Nexia SL824/SL850 thermostat also displays 5-day weather forecasts and weather radar, as well as indoor relative humidity. It allows you to create up to six daily heating and cooling schedules. In addition, the thermostat can control additional devices such as a house humidifier, dehumidifier, or ventilation system.

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