The emergency repair experts at Certified Heating and Cooling, Inc. are always here for you. The temperature in a Fort Myers, Florida, home without air conditioning can easily reach into the triple digits, so call us STAT if your system is failing. Here are five cases when postponing HVAC repair can cause extensive damage:

Disturbing Noises

An AC system that makes a racket needs immediate help. Pay special attention to hissing and grinding noises. Hissing can signal a refrigerant leak, and grinding usually means motor problems or compressor burnout. Screeching, banging, rattling, buzzing and thumping all spell trouble. If not treated immediately, these noises can turn an air conditioning repair into an air conditioning replacement.

Icy Evaporator Coil

If ice is forming on your AC’s evaporator coils, they’re losing their ability to absorb heat. This could be caused by anything from a dirty air filter or a clogged condensate drain line to a refrigerant leak. If ignored, the unit will soon lose all ability to cool your home.

Electrical Issues

A tripping circuit breaker usually means electrical problems. Compressor issues may also be to blame. The unit should be considered a hazard that could start an electrical fire. That’s especially true if you smell burning wires or melting plastic.

Weak Airflow

Hot, warm or lukewarm air coming from the vents can all indicate a Freon leak. Weak airflow can signal an obstruction in the system or a blower malfunction. Continuing to operate a unit with weak airflow could result in a total system shutdown.

Puddles Around Your Air Conditioner

Moisture on the floor near your air conditioner usually means a Freon leak or a clogged condensate drain line. Freon is toxic and should be considered a health hazard. A blocked condensate drain line can damage your floors, drywall and air conditioner.

These situations require emergency HVAC repair to keep problems from getting worse. At Certified Heating and Cooling Inc., our NATE-certified emergency repair specialists implement viable solutions for tricky problems. Call us at (239) 204-4114 for 24/7 emergency service in Fort Myers, Florida, and we’ll restore your system.

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