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Is My Naples, FL HVAC System Ruining My Sleep?

September 10, 2021

A good night’s sleep is vital for your body and mind. Poor sleep can affect your health in surprising ways. Read on to learn how your Naples, FL, HVAC system can affect your sleep. Allergy and Asthma Flareups Allergens such as pet dander and ragweed trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, interrupting the restorative sleep you…

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Should I Install a New AC In My Estero, FL Home Soon?

August 14, 2021

Is your HVAC unit on the fritz? Have you found that it has struggled to cool your home recently? If your unit is getting older, it might be time to replace it with a new one. Here are a few signs your Estero, FL, AC unit is ready for an upgrade. Your HVAC Unit Is…

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Woman Holding Nose Because of Bad Odor In Home

Do You Know What Causes These 3 AC Odors in Your Fort Myers, FL, Home?

July 10, 2021

Many things can make your Fort Myers, FL, home AC emit nauseating odors. The odors may result from refrigerant leaks, burning wires, dead animals, dirt buildup and more. Here are three odors your AC may emit and the reasons behind them. Chemical Odors Chemical-like smells from your AC could indicate leakage. Refrigerant smells often occur…

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3 Common Ways Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality in Estero, FL

June 10, 2021

Your pets are an integral part of your family, bringing with them companionship and love. However, they often bring unintended ramifications with them, including degrading air quality. Here are three ways your beloved pets may affect your air quality and what you can do for your Estero, FL home. 1. Extra Dander Most pets bring…

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What Is That Rattling Sound Coming from My AC in Naples, FL?

May 16, 2021

When the AC functions as it should, it should only make minimal noise in Naples, FL. If something isn’t right, the AC can make sounds such as squealing, hissing, rattling, banging, buzzing, clicking, humming, whistling, clanking and gurgling. Here are some reasons your AC might make weird sounds. Debris in the AC Cabinet Your AC…

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Sealed Air Duct

What Is Aeroseal Duct Sealing and What are the Benefits?

April 16, 2021

Faulty ductwork is responsible for leaking hundreds of cubic feet of conditioned air out of your Estero, FL, home. The leaks require professional sealing using Aeroseal, which helps reduce air loss by as much as 95%, according to’s interview with a researcher who helped develop it. This guide answers the most frequently asked questions…

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How Does REME Halo Air Purification Work in Fort Myers, FL?

March 14, 2021

Cleaning the air inside your home is essential for comfort, but opening windows during winter in Fort Myers, FL, is out of the question. The REME Halo air purifier is here to remedy your situation. Here’s how the REME Halo purifier works uniquely to remove any trace of pollutants or microorganisms in your home for…

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Modern Circular Thermostat

What Is Thermostat Temperature Differential in Fort Myers, FL?

February 22, 2021

Choosing the wrong thermostat will do your home more harm than good. A good thermostat ensures that you stay comfortable and save on electric bills. Get to know more about your thermostat in Fort Myers, FL, by learning what temperature differential means and how it affects your system. What Is Temperature Differential? Most thermostats come…

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Man Cleaning Ducts

5 Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning in Estero, FL

January 22, 2021

Airborne dust, dirt and debris particles accumulate in air ducts (ductwork), and when the furnace turns on, these particles circulate through the air of your Estero, FL, home. They’re pollutants that reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) and facilitate respiratory irritation or illness, but you can eradicate them through professional duct cleaning. Professional duct cleaning offers…

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3 Benefits of Having Your Dryer Vent Cleaned in Estero, FL

December 15, 2020

When was the last time you thought about lint buildup in your dryer vent? Although scheduling a vent cleaning may not be top of mind, it’s a task you need to add to your to-do list. This guide explains three ways that removing the lint from your dryer vent can benefit your household in Estero,…

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