Naples Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are great all-in-one heating and cooling options for your home. They’re all electric and eliminate the need for a gas furnace for our mild winter temperatures. Certified Heating and Cooling is a trusted Naples heat pump service company offering routine maintenance, repairs and new equipment installations. Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Naples Heat Pump Repair

Calling out a repair main can be a bit nerve-racking. “Are they ripping me off? How much is this going to cost?” Many questions race through the mind of a homeowner calling a technician or company they don’t have experience with. Let us put you at ease by saying that we do right by our customers. We never sell you equipment you don’t need, and we do the work right the first time. We’re in the business of creating life-long customers who are thrilled with our services. We’re not in the business of making fast money on over-priced and shoddy work.

Solutions You Can Count On

Your home heating and cooling system puts in a lot of working hours during our hot and humid summers. Home without cool air on a typical August day would simply be unbearable. To deliver reliable comfort, your heat pump and related equipment must be designed, installed and maintained the right way. Even the highest quality heat pumps and air handlers will have mechanical and performance problems if not sized and installed correctly. We’re a Naples heat pump service company who does the job right. We protect your hard earned money, and your comfort!

Naples Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that your dryers vents could be threatening the safety of your home? Thousands of homes are lit up in flames each year due to blocked dryer vents. You see, lint filters only catch a certain amount of lint. And depending on how your dryer’s exhaust is installed, lint can build up quickly. When this happens, dryer temperatures increase, and the risk of a fire is very possible. Naples dryer vent cleaning service.

Seasonal Tune-Ups

What would happen to your car if you skipped changing the oil permanently? Would it stop running overnight? No. But fuel utilization would begin to suffer, and eventually on a hot summer afternoon you’ll be at the side of the road with a pricey repair bill ahead. Did you know your home comfort system is no different? Avoid crashing and burning on a hot Florida day by allowing us to provide seasonal tune-ups on your system.

Comfort Estimates

Our in-home estimates save customers a lot of money. Why? It allows us to check out your existing system and the unique requirements of your home before recommending equipment. All too often a customer will come to us thinking they need a new heat pump, when in reality they just have a problem with the indoor coil. Let us help you invest your heard earned money right! Schedule an estimate.

Pool Heater Repair

Swimming pools sure are nice until there’s a maintenance issue right? But that’s the same with anything. If your pool heater isn’t maintaining water temperature correctly, call us for quality Naples pool heater repair. As with our indoor comfort solutions, we are experienced and we do the work right. We service pretty much any pool heater made by any manufacturer. If you don’t have time to call, simply request service online!

Certified Heating and Cooling is your best choice for Naples heat pump repair, maintenance and installation service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction permeates every area of our company. You’ll be thrilled with our services, pricing and comfort solutions. If you’re ready to take the next step towards better indoor comfort control, call us today at (239) 205-8342. Thanks for considering our company.

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