Naples Air Conditioner Service

Certified Heating and Cooling is one of those rare companies who does what we say, all of the time. We call it Blue Ribbon Service and it’s one of the reasons we’ve become so popular in the Fort Myers and Naples areas. Our Blue Ribbon Service is simply really: It means putting customers first in everything we do. When a company truly lives by that motto, it affects everything, and it creates very happy customers.

Naples Air Conditioner Service Done Right

Even though we’re experts at air conditioning repair, we have much larger goals for our customers. We like to provide maintenance to delay the need for repair. We take a look at your entire system to ensure overall operating efficiency. We don’t drop in to fix a specific problem only, but instead help protect you from problems down the road, or current problems you’re not even aware of. Blue Ribbon Service from Certified Heating and Cooling simply cannot be beat. We’ll help you enjoy more convenient and efficient air conditioning in your home.

Indoor Comfort Designed to Meet Your Needs

Air conditioning systems are not cookie cutter installs. Each situation is different, and it takes a professional contractor to properly assess your home, listen to your comfort and budgetary goals, and then design the ideal system. We’re experts at matching equipment from leading manufacturers to give you the right system for your needs. From the thermostat and indoor coil to the air quality products and air conditioner or heat pump located outside. Our Naples air conditioner service is an all-encompassing home comfort offering that will greatly enhance the quality of your home’s comfort!

outside ductless units

Ductless Heat Pumps

Do you have an addition, office or other living space that doesn’t have ducting installed? Have you been keeping cool with a noisy window or floor unit? Those days can now be over. A ductless mini-split heat pump (or air conditioner) system offers the quiet, efficient performance of a full sized system, without the need for ducting. They work with an indoor air handler mounted on a wall, or recessed in the ceiling. The indoor air handlers are designed to condition the air in a specific area, but multiple air handlers can be run from a single outdoor unit. Each air handler can also be controlled individually, offering precise control on a room by room basis.

tech blowing ac insulation

Blown Insulation

Insulation is important. You can have the most efficient air conditioning system on the planet, and be wasting your money because heat energy is coming right back in to your home due to a lack of insulation. We offer blown insulation which is a very effective way to properly insulate new and existing construction. And as with all services offered by Certified Heating and Cooling, our insulation service is second to none in quality and thoroughness. Our Naples air conditioner service has your family covered with not just insulation, but repair, maintenance and replacements. Call us today for better indoor comfort control!

honeywell thermostat image

The Lyric

If you’re after some innovation to make indoor comfort more convenient and efficient, let us introduce you to the Honeywell Lyric®. This thermostat defies the stereotypes by stepping from the limitations of a programmable schedule, and offering an auto-tuning control center for your home. Another popular option is the Nest Learning Thermostat, but a huge drawback of the Nest is that it must “see” you to know if people are at home. So a large home must have multiple Nest controls to function correctly. The Honeywell Lyric uses GeoFencing to adjust based on mobile phones, and can detect you up to 7 miles away.

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