Naples Air Conditioner Repair

No one will argue the fact that a reliable, efficient air conditioning system is a must have for survival! Most of us don’t think that much about the air conditioner working hard outside until something tanks. And as we all know, it will not usually happen a mild winter day — It’ll be right in the middle of a hot and humid day, turning your home into an instant oven. That’s when you dial our number for fast Naples air conditioner repair service!

Air Conditioner Repair Done Right

Certified Heating and Cooling is here to help you when you have an A/C emergency. We have the years of experience and technical knowledge required to work on any make and model of system. Our technicians are dedicated to your comfort, and provide honest advice with your best interests in mind. We never sell customers equipment they don’t need, and we don’t encourage them to fix a unit that is about to die. We help you stretch those hard-earned dollars in the right way.

Seasonal Maintenance

If you want to avoid the need for a premature Naples air conditioner repair call, then maintenance is key. Maintenance will not only help extend the life of your system, but it will keep your utility bills from rising. Seasonal maintenance is a very cost effective way to protect your investment and your bank account! We service any make and model of gas and electric equipment.

Rheem furnace

Quality Equipment

Certified Heating and Cooling has your best interests in mind. For this reason, we only source equipment from leading manufacturers. When you rely on us for your home air conditioning needs, you receive top-quality service and products. To learn more about the common products we offer, call us at (239) 205-8342. You can also schedule a free estimate online, and we’ll visit your home and provide our recommendations.

hvac unit with air purifier

Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes are built to be energy efficient, and that is obviously a good thing. If you have a “leaky” home, your summer A/C bills will also shoot right through the roof with that conditioned air! But there is a drawback to an energy efficient home, and that is indoor air pollution. Many household items release toxins into the air. When the windows and doors are sealed during a Naples summer season, your air can become very polluted.

Certified Heating and Cooling is ready to provide you with exceptional products, knowledge and customer service. Whether you need Naples air conditioner repair service, a seasonal tune-up or new equipment, you will not fine a better combination of service, product and pricing than you’ll find with us! Grab that phone and dial (239) 205-8342 today!

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