Improving Indoor Air Quality with HVAC Products

Humans can live without a lot of things, but air is not one of them. Fresh air is vital to good health and while you may think of air pollution as something that happens outside, indoor air can be even more polluted. When the air in your home or office is polluted, you can’t escape it because you spend major chunks of time in that environment. Inside air may be contaminated from chemicals, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust and pet dander. But the good news is that your air conditioner installer can help!

Filters are your First Line of Defense

Many homeowners are familiar with basic air filters that are made of fiberglass. Most air conditioning systems require two filters; these need to be changed regularly and your Naples/Ft Myers AC installation contractor can recommend the best filters for your system. While these filters remove large pollutants and trap things like dust, pollen, smoke and dander, they do not remove germs or microscopic contaminants. This is where an Ultraviolet System can help.

How an Ultraviolet System Improves Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet (UVGI) systems remove germs from indoor air and are usually added to an existing HVAC system by ac installation companies. After air passes through the fiberglass filters and large contaminants are trapped, the air passes through the UV system where airborne viruses and bacteria are eliminated by a series of ultraviolet lights. UV lights are also effective in removing mold from the indoor coil of your AC system. As moisture builds on the dark interior coil, mold can begin to grow causing a musty odor in your home and reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system, but a UVGI system will prevent mold growth.

How does it work? The type of lights in the system are technically UVC lights and are known as “germicidal” lights because they actually kill or disable germs and prevent mold growth. The lights are placed in the ductwork of your HVAC system and are not visible from your living space. Since the average HVAC system pulls all the air in a home through the ducts every 24 hours, all the indoor air is effectively cleaned by the UV light on a daily basis.

Your Certified air conditioning installation contractor can install a Honeywell® UV Treatment System to improve your indoor air quality. This is a very efficient and affordable way to remove mold, bacteria and viruses from both the air return and the surface coil, reducing the growth and emission of mold spores, bacteria and airborne viruses. In addition to eliminating mold and germs from your indoor air, it neutralizes odors in the home, so your home smells naturally fresh and clean.

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