When summer rolls around in the Naples and Ft Myers area, residents brace for the three H’s: heat, humidity, and hurricanes. There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you how to prepare for a hurricane in general, but do you know to protect your air conditioner during tropical storms and hurricanes? It’s always important to be prepared, regardless of forecasts, because it only takes one major storm to cause significant problems.

Keep reading to learn more about what you need to do to get your air conditioner ready for hurricane season in the Fort Myers and Naples, Florida area! 

Before the Storm

  1. Make sure that your unit is installed on a concrete pad and secured with hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are required by building codes and they prevent the unit from going airborne in high winds.
  2. Install a surge protector for your AC unit so that power surges from the storms don’t destroy its wiring and components.
  3. Turn the AC system off before the storm arrives and cover the unit to protect it from flying objects and debris.

After the Storm

  1. Make sure the air conditioner was not under water at any time during the storm. If there is evidence that the immediate area had flooding or water accumulation, call us at (239) 204-4114 to make sure everything is working properly.
  2. Remove the tarp or cover.
  3. Inspect the unit for any signs of damage.
  4. Remove any debris that may have lodged around the unit.
  5. Make sure that there is no damage to the electrical or refrigerant lines.

Don’t turn your unit back on before running through this checklist. If there are any indications that the unit is damaged or has been underwater, do not turn it on or you could make the problem even worse.

Schedule a service with our HVAC technicians to have your air conditioner inspected.

Choose Certified Heating and Cooling for AC Repairs

Since the Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30, there are a lot of opportunities for your AC unit to receive damages during a storm. Also, since the Naples and Fort Myers summers are so hot, your air conditioner tends to works overtime during this season. One way to combat this is to consider a hard start kit installation to reduce the amount of power used every time your AC restarts. This can also help to reduce wear and tear on the compressor. By making your air conditioner more efficient, you’re also working to extend the lifespan of your unit. Plus, it also reduces “light flicker” in your home by reducing the amount of energy used each time your AC unit has to restart.

To help you get through the dog days of summer, and to make hurricane season a little easier to face, Certified Heating and Cooling is offering a special for surge protection. While a surge protector installed is usually $277, we’re currently offering it for $193. We want your home to be prepared and protected against hurricanes, and a surge protector is a great way to ensure your appliances are safe and operational.

Call us today at (239) 204-4114 to schedule an AC repair service with one of our Fort Myers and Naples area professionals! You can also contact us online if you have more questions about hurricane preparedness for your air conditioner. 

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