Hot Sale on Pool Heaters! And, 6 Things You Can Do to Save Money on Maintaining your Pool

Here are 6 things you can do to prevent hundreds of dollars from slipping through your fingers needlessly when it comes to your pool!

  • Your typical pool loses 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week.
  • To keep your pool filled and warm is like burning up 625 gallons of natural gas per week, energy-wise!!
  • And a WHOPPING 70% of your energy loss comes from simple water evaporation.

All of this according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You want to conserve both water AND heat, because when water evaporates, it takes much of the heat with it.

Here are 6 ways to save you LOTs of money and also help our precious planet conserve its limited resources!

1.    Not using the pool for several days? Turn the pool heater down—or better yet, turn it off altogether!

It’s a myth that it takes more energy to heat a pool back to your desired temperature than to keep it warm all the time.

2.    Keep your pool at 78ºF or lower.

Increasing your pool temperature by just one degree means paying 10%-30% MORE in energy costs!

3.    Keep your pool pump running when you turn off the heater.

Otherwise, warmer water rises to the pool’s surface and evaporate more quickly, taking both water and heat with it, thus increasing energy costs.

4.    Block the wind, but let in the sun!

A pool exposed to wind will lose both heat and water. Removing tree limbs or other things that throw shade on your pool will keep your pool warmer.

5.    Keep your heat pump free of obstacles.

Trimming your foliage and bushes will allow air to flow properly into the pool pump, helping the pump function more efficiently.

6.    And, above all, always cover, cover, cover your pool!

70% of heat loss comes from evaporation. Simply covering your pool will dramatically reduce your energy costs!

2 more simple actions that will help you take care of your investment!

1.    If you have an older pool pump, consider getting a new one.

Old pumps are inefficient compared to new ones.

With a newer pool heater, you put in just 20 cents of electricity, but receive $1.00 worth of heat.

A new heater will thus pay for itself over time compared to an old pump!

2.    Protect your investment by having a professional inspect your heat pump every year.

Doing so can extend the useful life of your pump well beyond your warranty period! Our expertly trained factory service technicians conduct comprehensive maintenance and equipment safety check procedures that will ensure your heat pump operates efficiently and reliably when you need it to.

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Protect your expensive investment!

To protect your investment, make sure you get in your yearly maintenance.

Our certified professionals will make sure your pool continue to give you years of pleasure, playing with your children, sunning yourself nearby then slipping into the water to cool off on hot days!

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