Life is busy. We all have days when life just doesn’t go as planned, like when you spill your coffee on the way to work or you come home to a busted water heater. Between all of life’s responsibilities, you barely have time to think. When a problem occurs, especially a home emergency, it throws off your routine and can often be inconvenient and expensive—so, wouldn’t it be nice if you could detect tiny problems before they become big issues?

Of course! That’s why we recommend installing the Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector in your Florida home.

What is the Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector?

The Lyric Water Leak and Freeze Detector is an early warning system designed to notify you via smart phone when a water leak or temperature drop is detected in your home. The idea of this device is that you can catch early signs of a problem, take immediate preemptive action, and avoid major expenses you would have otherwise incurred.

It connects to your standard home Wi-Fi and alerts you via the Honeywell Lyric app for iPhone and Android. The system is battery operated and lasts up to three years. Each device can be placed near trouble spots like the sump pump, water heater, washer, and under sinks, and each can be individually named and registered in the Lyric App for easy access.

Benefits of Installing a Water Leak & Freeze Detector

Leaks and frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home. Having a water leak and freeze detector near your appliances or water pipes can give you an early warning when mayhem is about to occur. However, installing this device has a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy access. Because the device is connected wirelessly to your smart phone, you will always have easy access to review alerts, even when you’re on the go.
  • Humidity and temperature logging. Frozen pipes can lead to serious water damage, but with the Lyric device you will be notified when the temperature around your pipes drop to a concerning level.
  • Capability to notify a friend. With this device, you can set it up to notify a trusted friend, neighbor, or contractor when it sends an alert. So even when you are away, someone you trust can take action.

With the Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector, you shouldn’t experience any more surprises. Now, you are in control of your home’s water pipes and appliances.

Interested in purchasing and installing this handy system in your home? Contact the team at Certified Heating and Cooling to learn more!


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