Get Your Air Conditioner in Shape for Summer

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Do you know that Florida experiences more lightning strikes than any other part of the US, averaging 12 strikes per square mile per year? If you’ve ever spent summers near Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida you know that this season brings not only relentless heat and humidity, but an onslaught of tropical storms with lightning and thunder, often on a daily basis for weeks at a time. Florida withstands nearly 1.5 million lightning strikes each year, which means that your air conditioning unit could be damaged at any time, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.

What can you do to protect your air conditioning unit and investment?

An air conditioner surge protector can go a long way in protecting your unit not only from surges due to lightning strikes, but also from everyday stresses on your system. While lightening is the biggest threat when it comes to power surges, the cycling of your A/C unit, appliances, motors, and generators can cause a power surge. A surge protector can protect your air conditioning unit and your investment. With fewer power surges causing failures of the unit, you are less likely to need service calls or replace the unit prematurely. Certified Heating and Cooling Inc.  features air conditioning surge protectors from Supco®; these surge protectors can be added to your outside unit by a Certified ac installation contractor for just $193.

During the summer months, Naples and Ft Myers air conditioners get a workout. The constant demand causes your AC unit to run, shut off and restart many times throughout the day. Every time your unit starts up, it uses 5 to 10 times more power than when it is running. This burst of power brings a surge of heat that can damage the compressor and other critical components of your air conditioning unit. A hard start kit allows your compressor to reach maximum efficiency ten times faster. This extends the life of your compressor by reducing the amount of heat produced during start up, which in turn, reduces stress on wiring and components, helping them run more efficiently and last longer. A hard start kit also reduces “light flicker”. Have you ever noticed your lights dim for a few seconds when your air conditioner kicks on? This is due to the high energy usage of the compressor during start up. Since the hard start kit reduces the amount of power needed to get your AC unit up to speed, it reduces overall electrical drain and light flicker is usually eliminated.

Since summer is when you really depend on your air conditioning, Certified Heating and Cooling Inc is offering a Cool Summer Special! For just $299, we will install a hard start kit and surge protector on your AC unit and also add hurricane straps so you’ll be up to code and ready for whatever Florida hurricane season has in store. Call us today at (239) 236-4843 for an appointment with one of our Ft Myers and Naples area AC installation professionals.

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