Fort Myers Heat Pump Repair

The need for heat pump repair isn’t a fun situation. And if your heat pump breaks down during our typical summer weather, your house turns into an oven pretty quickly. If you come home from work, and open the door only to be met with a heat wave, we’re the ones to call for lightning fast Fort Myers heat pump repair.

Blue Ribbon Service Done Right

When we talk about Blue Ribbon Service, it means we do work the right way, the first time. It means your time and money are protected, and your home and family are treated with the utmost care and courtesy. You see, we’re not here to make a fast buck on a Fort Myers heat pump repair job. We’re here to help you have better comfort, and keep your system tuned and reliable into the future. We are dedicated to the comfort of our customers.

Avoid Premature Heat Pump Repair Needs

What would happen if you bought a shiny, new car today, but in a few months you opted out of the first scheduled oil change? Would your car quit running? No, it would be fine. But what if you skipped the next, and the next? Eventually gas mileage would suffer, and you’d be stranded on a hot and muggy summer day, with an expensive repair bill ahead. You can see where we’re going with this… And yes, your air conditioning and heating system is no different.

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Factory Specifications

The most important part of a home comfort system is what? The equipment? No. The price? Nope. Efficiency? Wrong again. It’s the installation. The finest equipment designed, sized and installed the wrong way will have problems, and trust us, you want no part of that. With Certified Heating and Cooling, not only do we install your system the right way, according to factory specifications, but we also build our solutions with quality equipment from leading manufacturers. Avoid the need for a premature Fort Myers heat pump repair call! When you invest with us, you’re making a wise decision for your home and you comfort control!

dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We all know what lint is right? Our dryers have lint filters to catch small particles that come from our clothing. However, dryer filters simply cannot catch everything.  And over time, lint will build up in the line leading from your dryer to outside. If lint builds up in the line, the dryer will run hotter… Sometimes a lot hotter. And with the increased heat coming from the dryer, the flammable lint in the line can ignite. In fact, this happens in thousands of homes each year. Tragic right? But this is one tragedy that can be avoided with our dryer vent cleaning service. We can not only clean out your exhaust line, but ensure it was run properly to begin with. Call us today for quality dryer vent cleaning in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

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