Fort Myers Air Conditioning Repair

Life in Florida is awesome. Whether you’re on the beach chilling with family, or out at sea after grouper with friends, it’s just hard to beat this life. But there is one thing that can make Florida unbearable, and that’s a broken air conditioner. Has it ever happened to you? You’ve been out at work or play all day and pull into the driveway, anticipating that cool air inside. But when the door swings open, you quickly discover something has gone wrong. If you run into this problem, we’re the ones to call.

Fort Myers Air Conditioning Repair Done Right

Sometimes homeowners are a little nervous about calling a contractor, and rightly so. Too many moonlighting handymen end up misdiagnosing an air conditioning problem, and that can cost a homeowner a lot of money — For nothing. Cooling problems share the same symptoms, and it takes a pro to figure out what’s really wrong. You’d be shocked at how often someone ends up replacing a compressor or even an entire air conditioner when the problem was a small part that would have cost hundreds to thousands of dollars less. When you call us for Fort Myers air conditioning repair, you can rest assured that we will help you stretch your hard earned dollars in the best possible way.

The Right Installation

Imagine building a new home with the best materials. You don’t skimp when purchasing the flooring, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures and appliances. Everything from the granite counter tops to the outside siding is the highest quality. Then imagine instead of hiring an experienced builder, you grabbed someone who has done a little construction in the past, and pay them to build your dream home. Do you think the house will end up well? It should right? You bought the highest priced materials. But alas, your dream home will probably have many problems, along with not even passing inspections. Why? Because the builder didn’t have the experience needed to do the job right. Air conditioning and heating systems are no different. Even the best equipment will have problems if not sized and installed correctly. With Certified Heating and Cooling, you get the best of both worlds. Quality equipment and an indoor comfort installation done right. We don’t just offer Fort Myers air conditioning repair, we help you get started on the right foot with quality installations and replacements.

“Called this company today for a leak in the AC. Lucas was the tech on call. Very knowledgable. He answered all my questions. Explained everything to me in detail. Because of his service and professionalism have signed up for yearly service on our condo and I am asking for Lucas to do the service. Very pleased. I would highly recommend him and this company!”

swimming pool heater

Pool Heater Repair

A swimming pool at home is just a lot of fun. How many good times have you had pool side? What makes your own pool even nicer is to have control over the water temperature, and pool heaters do just that. But like anything mechanical, pool heaters can have problems. We bring the same Blue Ribbon Service to your home for pool heaters, and will make sure your pool is at the right temperature as soon as possible. We can service all makes and types of pool heaters (including heat pumps), and we do the job right. We never sell customers equipment they don’t need. We help our customers invest wisely, and they love us for it.

atic blown insullation

Blown Insulation

In addition to Fort Myers air conditioning repair and installation, we can also insulate your home. Buying the right equipment and paying for the right design and install doesn’t make much sense if your home isn’t insulated well. In fact and poorly insulation and/or “leaky” home will comprise a shocking percentage of your monthly utility bills. We offer professional, blown insulation services for customers in the greater Fort Myers and Naples areas. Plus, we do the work the right way. We don’t “miss” areas or cheat you on insulation depth and coverage. Our Blue Ribbon Service means we put your home and your comfort as our highest priority.

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