Fort Myers Air Conditioning

Life in southern Florida without an air conditioner would be worse than life without a car. Surviving our brutal heat and humidity is only possible with a cool home to retreat to. Certified Heating and Cooling is a trusted Fort Myers air conditioning company known for honest advice, quality work and competitive pricing.

Air Conditioner Repair Done Right

Nobody likes to call a repair man, especially when they’re not familiar with the company. “Are they trustworthy? Will they charge too much?” Many thoughts plague our minds.

The great news is that you can trust Certified Heating & Cooling. We do right by our customers in every area, down to the smallest detail. There are many ways an air conditioning system can break down, yet the symptoms are very similar. Inexperienced Fort Myers air conditioning contractors will often give bad advice, which can cost the homeowner a lot of money. Our technicians accurately assess a problem, and perform only the needed air conditioner repairs the right way, the first time!

Quality A/C Installations

The most important aspect of your home comfort system is the design and installation. We’re a Fort Myers air conditioning company who specializes at custom indoor comfort systems designed and sized correctly for the unique needs of your home. When you rely on us for home cooling, you’re investing your hard earned money the right way: in a system that will deliver years of reliable, efficient comfort!

Rheem ac unit

Reliable Comfort

As mentioned above, the design and installation is the most important part of a quality indoor comfort system. However, in addition to that, a foundation of quality equipment is paramount for reliable comfort. We source equipment from leading manufacturers; equipment that meets our demands for quality in design and longevity. And on this foundation we confidently deliver the finest Fort Myers air conditioning solutions.

American standard heat pump

Seasonal Tune-Ups

What would happen if you skipped maintenance on a car or boat – would they quit working overnight? No, most likely they would be fine for quite some time. But eventually, fuel utilization would suffer, followed by mechanical problems. Your heating and air system is no different. If you want to keep utility bills down, and avoid AC repair, then maintenance is key. We service all makes and models of equipment.

bryant tech replacing air filter

A Healthier Home

When the humidity is thick and the sun is hot, your doors and windows are shut tightly to keep inside air cool. However, this can turn your house into a polluted living space as VOCs, bacteria and viruses become trapped inside. As a trusted Fort Myers air conditioning company, we can help you have not just a comfortable home, but a healthier home too! Learn more about indoor air quality, or call us today!

generic brand pool heater

Pool Heater Repair

Life with a swimming pool is grand, but not when the pool heater breaks! Who do you call when you have a pool heater problems in Fort Myers? You call Certified Heating and Cooling. We bring the same experience and expertise that we have in heating and air systems to servicing and repairing most types of pool heaters. You can schedule pool heater service online, or call us at (239) 205-8342.

We’re glad you found us online, and we appreciate you considering us for your Fort Myers air conditioning needs. Our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Certified Heating and Cooling is a company truly dedicated to our customers. We’re not here to make a fast buck on an AC repair call. We’re here to help your family stay comfortable with reliable, efficient heating and air systems.
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