Fort Myers Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioners keep Floridians sane during the heat of the summer. If you’re not out on the water reeling in grouper, or lounging by a swimming pool, you need a cool home to relax in. Certified Heating and Cooling can help with that. We’re a Fort Myers air conditioner service company that offers top-quality tune-up, repair, replacement and installation services.

Air Conditioner Installation

Make no mistake about it, the reliability, performance and efficiency of your home cooling system is centered around one thing: the quality of the installation. Does that mean other things like the brand of equipment, and seasonal maintenance don’t matter? Not at all. However, if the installation is not done right, even the finest equipment will fail. We do the job right, from initial design to final installation. When you trust Certified Heating and Cooling, your money is invested wisely and your home comfort is protected!

Air Conditioning Repair

An AC problem on a typical Florida summer day is no laughing matter. Don’t sweat an AC problem! Call us and we’ll have your home cool in no time. We’re experts at properly determining the cause of a problem, and then fixing things the right way. We protect your time and money, and our Fort Myers air conditioner service is second to no one!

ductless mini-split units

Ductless Mini-Splits

No two homes and families are alike. Trust us, each home as unique characteristics that affect indoor comfort. Maybe it’s a large window facing the afternoon sun. Maybe it’s the way your ducting was installed. There’s a million different nuances to any home, and we’re experts at giving you the right advice and system for your budgetary and comfort goals. An air conditioning system from us delivers comfort you can rely on.

hvac tech with ac unit

Fort Myers Air Conditioner Repair

It doesn’t matter if you have an air conditioner or heat pump based system, and it doesn’t matter what brand of equipment you have. We’re experts at anything relating to air conditioning, and service traditional split systems, packaged systems and ductless mini-split installations. Certified Heating and Cooling technicians are experts at properly diagnosing a problem, to save you money. Too many homeowners spend their precious money on the wrong thing, due to bad advice from a contractor. When you call Certified, this does not happen. Thanks for your interest in services from our company!

Certified Heating service van

A Trusted Contractor

In an age where companies over promise and under deliver, you’ll find Certified Heating and Cooling to be a refreshing change from the norm. We’re a Fort Myers air conditioner service company who puts our customers first, in every situation. We’re not after customer satisfaction, as that’s a given. Our goal is to thrill our customers so much, they tell their family and friends about us. If your dream is to have an efficient, easy-to-operate home comfort system that will deliver years of reliable service, then you should give us a call today. We’re ready to enhance the quality of your home air conditioning system!

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