Fort Myers Air Conditioner Repair

Has it ever happened to your before? Our Fort Myers summer sun is so hot that lizards are bursting into flames while scurrying across the sidewalk. You run inside from your car, greatly anticipating a wave of cool, fresh air. The font door opens and…BOOM. It’s an oven inside! Not a good day, but they happen when an older air conditioner or heat pump has given up under an intense workload.

FAST Fort Myers Air Conditioner Repair

When something like the above happens to you, grab the phone and dial (239) 205-8342 for top-quality and timely Fort Myers air conditioner repair service. We’re a local air conditioning company known for honest advice, competitive pricing and exceptional work. Our knowledge and experience allows us to accurately troubleshoot a problem, so that your time and money is protected. Based on your specific situation, we give you rock-solid advice that you can count on.

The Importance of the Installation

We can’t tell you how many times we visit a new customer’s home, only to find a poorly installed air conditioning system. If your indoor comfort system is not designed, sized and installed correctly, you’re going to be making a Fort Myers air conditioner repair call much soon than you should be. Plus, improperly installed equipment is also not as efficient, which costs you more on those summer utility bills. Certified Heating and Cooling does and installation right. We are experts at delivering the right system for your specific needs.

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Do you have an older system that just isn’t efficient? We offer top quality, efficient, reliable equipment options from leading manufacturers. And as mentioned above, we size and install according to factory specifications. Most installations are not as simply as sliding out the old, and sliding in the new. Modern equipment has new requirements that must be handled the right way. Pool heater repair.

small outside pool heater

Pool Heater Repair

If your pool heater is not keeping the water temperature at the right level, call Certified Heating & Cooling and we’ll inspect the problem to see what’s going on. We’re experts at repair, and our commitment to our customers means we never tell you to purchase equipment you don’t really need. At the same time, we don’t encourage you to dump money into an older pool heater that is going to continue having issues.

Certified Heating and Cooling is a company who places our customers first. This isn’t a motto, or a slick sales pitch. It’s a commitment that we live out every single day. You will not regret relying on us for your indoor comfort needs. From air conditioning repair to seasonal tune-ups and new installations. We cover all aspects of home comfort!

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