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When the Florida summer sun is so hot that lizards are bursting into flames when running across the pavement, you definitely need a quality air conditioning system protecting your home’s comfort! But who do you when in Fort Myers for an air conditioner repair need? You call Certified Heating and Cooling! We’re a local Fort Myers AC repair company offering timely service, and work done right.

Has It Happened To You?

It’s one of the hottest days of the year. You run from the car to the front door, anticipating the cool air that’s about to greet you. The key turns, the door unlocks and the door swings open….only to introduce a heat wave! Not a good day. But this can be reality when you have an older air conditioner that just can’t keep up with the work load. Air conditioners don’t pick a nice fall day to have issues. They will typically break down when you need them most. Certified Heating and Cooling provides fast Fort Myers AC repair service. We’ll have you comfort again in no time.

Fort Myers AC Repair Done Right

We’re definitely surprised at how many local homeowners receive sub-standard work from other technicians. This just doesn’t happen when you call us for your air conditioning service needs. We’re in the business of creating life-long customers. This dedication to customer satisfaction affects our work down to the smallest detail. We’re experts at not just heating and air, but in helping you spend your money in the best possible way. We never sell a customer equipment they don’t need, even if they twist our arm! Our goal is to deliver the best comfort services for your home and family.

programing a thermostat

Custom Systems

No two homes and families are alike. Trust us, each home as unique characteristics that affect indoor comfort. Maybe it’s a large window facing the afternoon sun. Maybe it’s the way your ducting was installed. There’s a million different nuances to any home, and we’re experts at giving you the right advice and system for your budgetary and comfort goals. An air conditioning system from us delivers comfort you can rely on.

cleaning a dryer vent

Keep Your Home Safe

In addition to Fort Myers AC repair service, we offer dryer vent cleaning to protect your home from the hazard of blocked dryer vents which can lead to a fire. When a dryer vent clogs with lent over time, the dryer’s temperature rises significantly. Since lint is highly flammable, a fire can begin that will rapidly spread to the rest of your home. It happens to thousands of people each year – don’t become a statistic.

tech changing an air filter

The Air You Breathe

We offer indoor air quality products to protect, refresh and purify the air in your home. You see, many airborne toxins can build up inside, and when your windows and doors are shut tightly, it only gets worse. Ventilators, UV lamps and whole house air cleaners will work wonders for the air quality in your home. It’s time to quit breathing in VOCs, bacteria and other contaminants. Call us to learn more!

swimming pool heater

Pool Heaters

If your pool heater is not keeping the water temperature at the right level, we can inspect and diagnose the problem to see what’s going on. We’re experts at repair, and our commitment to our customers means we never tell you to purchase equipment you don’t really need. We’ll get your swimming pool heated again, and best of all, we do the job right the first time. Schedule service online or call us today!

Thanks for considering us for your Fort Myers AC repair needs! We take the comfort of your home very seriously, and we do work right, down to the smallest detail. Our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’re ready to enhance the quality of the comfort in your home.
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