air quality

During the winter months, people tend to stay in their Fort Myers homes’ more than any other time of year. While this is understandable, the increased amount of time we spend inside means that the indoor air quality will have an even greater effect on one’s health. It’s always a good idea to be concerned about your home’s air quality, but when you and your family are inside the most, it’s even more important.

Although there are fewer allergens present during the winter than the rest of the year, there are still plenty of them around. Of course, there are plenty of pollutants other than allergens that affect your home’s air quality.

Limiting Biological Pollutants is Essential for Maintaining Good Health

Pet dander isn’t just an allergen, it’s also a biological contaminant. Dander from pets is one of the most benign pollutants in this category, which also includes viruses, mites, bacteria, and more. Keeping the number of biological contaminants in your home to a minimal level is crucial for ensuring your you and your family’s health.

Volatile Organic Compounds Have Many Adverse Health Effects

Other kinds of pollutants are released as harmful gases from solid and liquid household products. These are known as volatile organic compounds and they can have numerous adverse effects on your health, both long term and short term. Just like biological contaminants, you should make sure to keep levels of volatile organic compounds low.

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