Some air conditioning repairs are more expensive than others, and often, a new system is the better way to go, both in terms of costs of future repairs and energy efficiency savings. In this blog, we explain the most expensive types of AC repairs and what you need to consider.

What if…

  • You are told that your capacitor is failing? Capacitors are cylinder shaped objects that store energy and keep the motor running. In an air conditioning system, capacitors work with the compressor, the blower motor and the outside fan. If a capacitor is damaged from power surges or is worn out, it can no longer hold a charge and the corresponding motor will fail. A clicking noise is a telltale sign that the capacitor is failing. If a start capacitor is failing, the motor will still attempt to run, but will not activate and a humming noise indicates that the motor is not coming on; it won’t take long for the motor to burn out under these conditions. When capacitors connected to the compressor begin to fail, the AC will “hard start”, which means it will struggle to come on and will shut down shortly after, causing excess wear on the compressor and other components. You should call a professional ac installation contractor immediately to prevent further damage to your system. Depending on the age of the system and whether it is still under warranty, you may find that a new ac system is a better long-term solution.
  • You are told that your compressor needs to be replaced? The compressor is the “heart” of a HVAC system because it pumps the refrigerant through the coils. Should the compressor burn out, you are looking at a serious and costly repair. When deciding whether to repair or replace it, consider the cost of the repair as well as the age of the system. If the unit is no longer under warranty and the cost of replacing the compressor is more than half the price of a new unit, replacing the system makes sense.
  • You are told that your coil is leaking? If your condenser coil is leaking, you will notice that your AC system is not keeping your home adequately cooled. A condenser coil replacement is usually the most expensive type of repair possible when it comes to your HVAC system because it is very labor intensive and it is often difficult to find the right part in stock. If a condenser coil fails in a system that is out of warranty, system replacement is the most cost-effective option. However, some coil leaks can be caused by loose fittings or a valve cap that needs to be replaced or adjusted, so consulting with your ac installation company will help you determine if you are looking at a major or minor repair.

A call to your trusted air conditioning installation contractor gives you the information needed to weigh the cost of the repair against the cost of replacement, as well as what to expect on future savings gained from a new, energy efficient system. Certified Heating & Cooling is one of the most referred, most trusted ac installation companies in the Naples, Ft Myers and Cape Coral area. Whether you need a repair or a new system, call us at (239) 204-4114 for award-winning service.

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