Dryer Vent Cleaning Naples

Many homeowners don’t think about cleaning their dryer vents. Why would you right? But actually it’s crucial to the safety of your home. Even though it’s not a normal HVAC related topic, we extend our duct cleaning offerings to offer Naples dryer vent cleaning services, because we want to help our customers have not just comfortable, but safer homes.

What Needs to be Cleaned?

Lint. It’s what builds up in your clothes dryer. Lint is basically an accumulation of textile fibers and other materials found in clothing. As the tight weaves begin to loosen over time, you get lint when you dry your clothes. The small screens in dryers catch a large portion of the lint produced, but not all of it. The next place lint will stop is the ventilation tube that runs from your dryer to outside your home. As the accumulation builds, the dryer’s airflow is restricted, causing it to run hotter. Lint is highly flammable, and as the dryer’s temp increases, the risk of fire also increases.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Naples – A Low Cost Investment

Thousands of fires happen annually as the result of clogged dryer vents. Having them cleaned is an incredibly low cost alternative to losing your home. We can not only clean your vent, but also verify the vent is run correctly (when accessible) as sometimes initial installations are prone to inhibit airflow. If your clothes or laundry room seem warmer than normal, you need to have things checked out. And as with all of our services, our Naples dryer vent cleaning is backed by our Blue Ribbon Service guarantee. You’ll love our attention to detail, courteous service and competitive pricing!

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