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Many things can make your Fort Myers, FL, home AC emit nauseating odors. The odors may result from refrigerant leaks, burning wires, dead animals, dirt buildup and more. Here are three odors your AC may emit and the reasons behind them.

Chemical Odors

Chemical-like smells from your AC could indicate leakage. Refrigerant smells often occur when your evaporator lines or condenser coils leak, exposing the refrigerant. Glue-like chemical odors result from actual glue used during the installation of your ductwork.

While most chemical smells don’t indicate a serious threat, you should always contact your AC maintenance and repair specialist as soon as you notice them. Professional AC assessment and regular repairs will prevent the occurrence of such odors in the future.

Oil-Like Odors

Oil smells could result when two things happen in your air conditioning system. The first one is when there’s an oil leakage resulting from a poorly tightened fitting of the filter, tank or oil line. The second is when the oil burner is faulty.

The oil burner could be damaged if the fuel pump is faulty or the burner itself has a clog. These are common issues your air conditioning technician will address with minimal effort and within a short time.

Gunpowder-Like Smell

In rare instances, your air conditioning system may emit a gunpowder-like smell. A fried circuit board or fan motor can trigger these smells. These components comprise multiple chemicals and metals, and if heated, could release toxic gases.

Even if you just detected the foul odor for the first time, consider getting your AC checked by a qualified technician. That will prevent further AC damage and minimize the health hazards associated with such odors.

To improve indoor air quality, contact Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. technicians for AC repairs and installation services. We have a factory-trained and highly qualified team that gets the work done quickly and professionally.

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