HVAC Services in Captiva

Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. is the most trusted and most referred air conditioning installation contractor in Captiva, Florida. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art HVAC products to our customers. Every HVAC system you receive from us is installed by a highly skilled, professional technician. In addition to excellent products, we take pride in serving our Captiva customers with a superior level of competency and honesty.

Our area of expertise lies in cooling, air quality, and insulation for your Captiva home. We provide repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services—and our commitment to honesty means we will always give you a fair price and opinion.

Cooling Services in Captiva

The most frequently asked question by our customers is whether to replace or repair their air conditioning system. When you call Certified Heating and Cooling, our HVAC installation technicians will carefully consider the age and efficiency of your unit, the size of your home, and the current cost of your energy bills—all of these help them decide it you need a repair or replacement!

Air Quality and Insulation Services in Captiva

In addition to offering the best air conditioning units by Trane and Rheem™, we also carry a variety of products that can improve the efficiency of your system, protect it during Captiva’s worst weather, and even improve the air quality of your home—this is where our air quality and insulation expertise comes in.

Contact Us for Your HVAC Installation, Repair, or Replacement Today!

We are the air conditioning installation contractor in Captiva—now let us be yours too! Read our customer testimonials and you’ll see that people from Captiva describe us as “the best”, “most reliable” air conditioning installation contractor in the area!

Call us today at (239) 205-8342 and let us help with all the indoor comfort needs for your Captiva home!

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