If misinformation gets repeated often enough, it becomes a “myth”, leading many people believe incorrect or inaccurate information is actually true. Myths can surround any topic, including air conditioning and energy efficiency. But if you base your behavior on bad information, you could be wasting energy and money, while reducing your comfort level, and if you live in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples area, you seriously count on your AC system to work properly.

Here we will set the record straight once and for all on some common AC myths

  1. “Close vents in unused rooms to boost energy efficiency”: FALSE. This can make the system run harder and reduce air flow throughout the home. If you are serious about energy efficiency, upgrade to a more efficient Energy Star Certified AC unit. The air conditioning installations experts at Certified Heating & Cooling can advise on which AC units will increase energy efficiency based on your needs.
  2. “Save energy by turning off your AC when you are away”: FALSE. Turning your system off and on can cause wear and tear on components and if your house warms up while you are away, the AC unit has to work even harder to bring the temperature back down again. It is better to raise the temp just a few degrees while you are away. Better yet, purchase a programmable thermostat so that you can preset temps to coordinate with the times that you are home. The newest thermostats even work from your smart phone so you can adjust the temperature from virtually anywhere.
  3. “I can trap cool air indoors by keeping my windows and doors closed”: PARTLY TRUE. Of course, keeping your windows and doors closed is standard procedure when running air conditioning; otherwise you are letting warm air back into the house. However, you are kidding yourself if you think that keeping the doors and windows closed is all you need to do. A great amount of cool air can escape from your vents, typically into warm attic spaces or utility closets, which is totally inefficient. In these spaces, this warm ambient air can also keep the vent surfaces warm and make your system work harder, reducing efficiency and comfort further. If it seems like your system does not keep your home as cool as it did in the past, you may need your ducts resealed or you may need to replace portions of your ductwork.
  4. “A ceiling fan will keep a room cool”: PARTLY TRUE. A ceiling fan will help your AC keep the room cooler because it will circulate the cool air around the space. However, a ceiling fan, just like a floor fan or standing fan, cannot cool the air; it merely redistributes it.
  5. “An Energy-Efficient, Certified Energy Star AC unit will reduce my energy bills”: PARTLY TRUE. While a certified Energy-Star rated AC unit can reduce your energy bills, it is equally important that the unit is correctly sized to cool the amount of square footage in your home. An air conditioning installation contractor can help assess your cooling needs by considering square footage, the layout of your home, the efficiency of your ductwork and more.

If you are serious about increasing the efficiency of your AC system and saving money in the long run, call Certified Heating & Air Conditioning today at (239) 204-4114 for an in-home estimate. Its also important if you are a seasonal resident to hire a home-watch company to come and inspect your home at least twice a month to stay ahead of the curve if problems do arise.

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