Air Conditioning & Heating

Beat the Florida heat with Certified Heating and Cooling. We’re an experienced, knowledgeable and trusted indoor comfort company serving both the Naples and Fort Myers areas. We offer heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, replacement and new installation services. We’re known for our exceptional work, outstanding customer service, and fair pricing on top-quality equipment.

The Right Installation

We install top quality equipment, but did you know that even the finest equipment on the market will have problems if the installation is not done correctly? There is nothing more important than the initial design, sizing and installation of your system. No two systems are identical, and we’re experts at custom designing the right solution for your home, needs and budgetary goals.

Repairs & Maintenance Done With You In Mind

Way too many Naples and Fort Myers homeowners suffer at the hands of inexperienced heating and air conditioning contractors. These homeowners end up spending money they didn’t always need to spend due to bad advice, or work not done correctly.

Certified Heating and Cooling has one thing in mind, and it’s our customer. This affects all aspects of our business, and it means we never sell you equipment you don’t need, and we’re experts at helping you stretch your hard earned dollars in the right way.

A Fort Myers Company You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a Naples and Fort Myers air conditioning and heating company you can trust with the comfort of your home, we are that company! We’re here for a long lasting relationship with our customers as we help them maintain a comfortable, efficient home. Call us today at (239) 205-8342. We can’t wait to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!

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