Blown In Insulation

Your heating and cooling system have to work much harder in Fort Myers, FL, when your attic lacks insulation. According to, your attic likely needs at least 10 to 14 inches of insulation that completely covers the floor joists. Blown-in insulation presents a fast and affordable upgrade that produces multiple long-term benefits for your home.

1. Better Than Fiberglass Batting

Blown-in insulation performs with greater efficiency compared to batting insulation of a comparable R-value. The superior performance arises from the fact that the small cellulose or fiberglass pieces of blown-in insulation settle into crevices. By filling all spaces thoroughly, insulation efficiency increases significantly.

2. Fast Installation

Your house will not get turned upside down with a prolonged installation job. A crew working for half a day can finish blowing insulation into your attic.

3. All-Season Energy Savings

Insulating your attic prevents the heat of summer from penetrating your home and the cold of winter from leaching heat out of your home. By reducing the conduction of heat energy between your home’s interior and the outdoors, both the furnace and air conditioner will use less power to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

4. Noise-Proofing Quality

Blown-in attic insulation muffles noise too. The insulation blocks sound waves from outside sources and cuts down on sound traveling from room to room.

5. Fire Suppression

Blown-in attic insulation materials are either treated to resist fire or naturally difficult to ignite. On top of these qualities, the insulation blocks the flow of air between rooms and attic floor joists. If a fire does start, the insulation reduces access to oxygen and slows down a spreading flame.

Blown-in attic insulation not only helps your home feel more comfortable, but it also reduces strain on your heating and cooling equipment. To discuss the benefits of blown-in insulation installation, call Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. today.

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