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Airborne dust, dirt and debris particles accumulate in air ducts (ductwork), and when the furnace turns on, these particles circulate through the air of your Estero, FL, home. They’re pollutants that reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) and facilitate respiratory irritation or illness, but you can eradicate them through professional duct cleaning. Professional duct cleaning offers many benefits that deem it a necessary component of HVAC maintenance.

1. Reduces Allergies

Contaminants/pollutants from dirty ductwork exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions, like asthma. Worse, contaminated air causes nose, throat and eye irritation while increasing your risk of developing allergies, nasal congestion and respiratory illness. Duct cleaning mitigates this risk, eliminates allergens and aids allergy relief.

2. Increases Energy Efficiency

Accumulated dirt, dust and dander in ductwork reduces airflow. This hinders heat generation and circulation from the furnace. Because duct cleaning improves airflow, it increases your HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

3. Reduced Energy Costs

Increased energy efficiency facilitates reduced energy costs. Clean ducts improve heat transfer, which enables your furnace to use less power to distribute heat.

Without blockages, heat is also distributed more easily and evenly. This leads to more efficient heating. Less power usage and more efficient heat distribution reduce monthly energy bills.

4. Cleans the Air

Pollutants negatively impact IAQ. Prolonged exposure to pollutants causes and worsens respiratory issues. Cleaning the air is often the solution to these risks.

Duct cleaning purifies the air that flows into your home. The HVAC system circulates clean, breathable air, not dust, dirt or dander particles.

5. Eliminates Dust

If dust frequently accumulates on your counters, furniture, walls and more, your ductwork is full of dust and other particulates. Dust accumulation is unsightly, unsanitary and unhealthy. It also requires frequent dusting.

Clean air ducts reduce the need for frequent dusting. Call Certified Heating and Cooling Inc., and we’ll provide you with duct cleaning service.

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