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If you have an older central air conditioner in your Fort Myers, FL, home, have you thought about upgrading? If this hasn’t crossed your mind yet, consider the following four benefits of upgrading your air conditioner.

1. New Comfort Technology

Upgrading to a new central air conditioner for your cooling needs means you’ll be able to take advantage of new technology and the latest features. Thermostats, for example, can be programmable and much more precise than older ones. Newly installed models are also highly efficient and better at controlling indoor comfort and producing even cooling.

2. Quieter Operation

Good AC units should be seen and not heard. If you have an older AC unit, you may have gotten used to its noisiness. But you can enjoy some much-appreciated peace and quiet by upgrading to a new AC unit. Newer systems typically feature sound-absorbing materials that keep operational noise to a minimum, allowing the unit to run without being distracting.

3. Added Savings

Since new air conditioning units are highly efficient, you can easily enjoy a considerable return on your investment. A newer AC unit is going to use less energy than an older one. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to have to deal with frequent or costly repairs, which means even more savings potential.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality

New AC units can also give your indoor air quality a boost. Some newer units, for instance, have variable speed motors that improve indoor air quality by slowly circulating air, so the filter can capture more contaminants. A newer filtration system also removes many of the impurities often found in household air, so everyone in your home can literally breathe easier.

Ready to upgrade your older HVAC unit? We’re here to help you make a smart, well-informed decision. Reach out to Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. today to learn more about our air conditioner replacement services.

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