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Ductless systems, also known as ductless mini-splits, do not rely on ductwork to distribute heated or conditioned air. Instead, these systems use individual air handlers in different rooms in your home rather than a centralized system. Below are four benefits of using ductless heating systems for homes in Naples, FL.


Ductless mini-splits install on any wall in your home. Unlike conventional centralized systems, these units do not retrofit into an existing system and can easily compensate for room additions and changes in your heating needs.

These systems provide heat based on zones. If you need more heating upstairs, you can have more units there and fewer downstairs. You also have thermostats for each of the units for better zoning.

More Energy Efficient

Ductless heating offers better zoning capability, which allows you to only heat the rooms you desire. The ductless mini-splits do not generate heat and instead transfer it, just like a heat pump. This makes the systems consume 60% less energy compared to the conventional resistance-based heating furnaces according to Energy Star.

Using Energy Star certified ductless heat pumps can help you cut energy costs by up to 30%. This is ideal for homes and commercial premises looking to cut down on utility bills.

Easy to Install

With ductless mini-splits, you avoid the challenging-to-install ductwork. The heat pumps only need an indoor unit that connects to an indoor unit through refrigerant lines. These lines only need one small hole through the wall to install.

You can have up to eight indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Further, you never have to worry about leaky and blocked ducts.

Heat and Cool With One Device

Ductless heat pumps can heat and cool your home. During the cold months, the heat pump will pull heat from the cold air outdoors and transfer it indoors. In summer, it transfers the hot air from your home outdoors.

If you’re looking to install a new HVAC system, consider choosing a ductless one to improve efficiency and take advantage of zoning capabilities. Call our technicians today at Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. to learn more about our ductless air conditioning services in Naples, FL.

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