3 Ways to Reduce Pet Dander in Your Fort Myers Home

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A pet can give you and your family companionship and fun memories. However, many animals, including cats, dogs, mice, birds, and gerbils, produce dander. Pet dander is a combination of dead skin cells and fur or feathers. It causes asthma and allergy symptoms for many people. You can reduce pet dander in your Fort Myers, Florida, home by using an air purifier, choosing pets with low dander, and maintaining your HVAC system.

Use an Air Purifier

Many air purifiers have air filters similar to the filter in your heater and air conditioner. They can remove pet dander along with pollen, biological growth, and many other contaminants. They also help keep the air filter for your HVAC system and your ductwork clean longer. You can have a whole-home model installed in your ductwork, or you can use a smaller, portable model in one or two rooms at a time.

Choose the Right Pets

While no pet is completely hypoallergenic, some produce less dander than others. Snakes, lizards, turtles, and fish don’t shed dander, and smaller animals such as hamsters only create low amounts. Some dogs, including Kerry Blue Terriers, Cornish Rexes, and Poodles, are bred to produce less dander as well. No matter which pet your family decides on, you should bathe and groom it regularly.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Without regular maintenance, a dirty air filter or leaks in your ductwork could allow pet dander to spread easily throughout your home. Trim shrubs near your outdoor unit to keep it working efficiently, and dust and vacuum your house often to remove pet dander and other contaminants before they lead to an inconvenient breakdown.

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