Winter will be knocking hard on your door, and now you need to depend on your heating system to stay toasty warm for the next few months. That’s your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system—or “HVAC”.

Naturally, you want to make sure your HVAC is working as it should!

Here are 3 ways you can take care of your HVAC yourself and save a lot of headaches!

  1. When the inevitable cold spell comes (and, yes, it will come to Southwest Florida), a layer of ice may form on the fan and blades on your outdoor heat unit.TURN ON YOUR EMERGENCY HEAT. (This will turn off your HVAC so your motor doesn’t burn itself out trying to move the frozen blades.)
  2. Keep the area around your HVAC system free of anything that could block its air flow.Having it surrounded by junk or boxes of storage stuff, cans of paint, paint thinners, rags, glues, and so on, can cause various problems. (It also can make your HVAC system less effective).
  3. Keep your HVAC system clean.It’s a lot less expensive to keep it clean than to replace it with a brand-new HVAC system when it gets so dirty the air blower stops blowing, for example.

    Also, even when it’s less dirty, it still forces your system to work harder, increasing your energy bills.

Your inspections will pay for themselves through reduced energy bills and fewer breakdowns. You’ll also keep your HVAC functioning longer and better, thus saving you even more money.

Aging HVAC are prone to more problems; a regular inspection can find potential problems before they become costly emergencies.

Plus, you won’t have to breath in the bacteria, allergens and so on from dirty air being recycled throughout your house.

Your family will be less likely to get sick as a result.

Don’t forget, if you decide to go on our risk-free Blue Ribbon Maintenance Program, you also get:

· 15% percent off on parts and labor for repairs
· Regular reminders from us when it’s time to inspect to prevent small problems from growing into costly emergencies
· Your name put at the top of the list every time —even during peak hours!

You also can cancel your membership at anytime and receive a pro-rated refund—no gimmicks, and no questions asked.

So there’s no risk to going on this plan!

If you have any questions about how to care for your HVAC system or want to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and tune-up, just give us a call at (239) 204-4114.

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