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Are your cooling expenses getting higher and higher month after month? If so, then your air conditioner may be losing its efficiency. Keep reading to find out how to improve your Naples, Florida, home’s cooling efficiency.

High Energy Bills

An AC that’s losing its efficiency will consume excessive amounts of energy to keep your home cool. As a result, you’ll likely notice an increase in your cooling expenses. It’s important to monitor your cooling bills month after to month to determine whether it’s a significant increase. If so, then you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible. Sometimes, something as simple as an AC maintenance session can restore the cooling system’s efficiency and reduce your cooling bills.

Poor Indoor Comfort

Do you notice one room or part of your home tends to stay more comfortable than other parts? Uneven cooling is a huge indication of a cooling system that has lost efficiency. If you have drapes and curtains in rooms that endure direct sunlight and still notice uneven cooling in your home, then it might be time for an AC upgrade. If you’re currently using a forced-air system, then upgrading to ductless AC is a great way to achieve greater cooling efficiency.

Inadequate Dehumidification

If you notice the air in your home is clammy even when the AC is on, then this is a sign that your air conditioner has lost its efficiency and is unable to achieve proper humidity control. This can lead to the temperature inside your home feeling warmer than it is. As a result, you may find yourself running the AC around the clock to keep yourself comfortable. This adds unnecessary wear and tear to your system and can easily be addressed with AC maintenance.

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