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Bonita Springs, FL, is very humid from April to November. Excessive humidity can cause damage to your home and make it more difficult for you to breathe comfortably, especially if you have asthma or another respiratory health condition. Your Bonita Springs home needs a dehumidifier if you have condensation on the windows or patio door, water stain marks or a humidity level above 50.

1. Condensation on the Windows or Patio Door

One of the biggest giveaways that your home has a moisture problem is condensation on the windows or the patio door. Condensation is fog or water beads on your windows and glass doors. This moisture can cause damage to your home.

Check all of the glass windows and doors in your home in each season. Moisture problems in a home are sometimes seasonal or occur only in certain rooms.

Bonita Springs, FL, has a humid climate, so humidity issues are a frequent problem. Although they’re most prevalent in summer when it’s most humid and hot, they can occur during other times of the year.

2. Water Stain Marks

Thoroughly check your home for water stain marks as this usually means you have a moisture problem in those areas. Remember to check inside closets, behind furniture, storage areas and below windows.

When you buy or rent a new home, keep in mind that sellers sometimes apply a fresh coat of paint to hide water stain marks. Thus, you shouldn’t rely on water stain marks alone to determine if you have a humidity problem.

3. The Humidity in Your Home Is Above 50

Your home’s humidity shouldn’t exceed 50 or fall below 20. When humidity exceeds 50, it becomes a problem for your health and the condition of your home. Excessive humidity causes physical symptoms like difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, muscle cramps, fatigue, fainting and heat stroke.

High humidity also reduces your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality worsens physical symptoms of illnesses and health conditions. It also increases your likelihood of falling ill.

Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels in your home. Remember to check each room since humidity levels aren’t always consistent throughout the house.

As a resident of Bonita Springs, FL, you likely need a dehumidifier to maintain a healthy humidity level. Contact Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. to discuss a dehumidifier installation.

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