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A zoned HVAC system uses dampers in the ductwork to direct heating and cooling to specific areas of the home. With zoning, you can send air where you want it while shutting off spaces that are unused. Each area has its own thermostat for easy customization when you’re using a zoned installation. There are many perks that you can enjoy with a zoned system in your Fort Myers, Florida, home.

Even Temperatures

Zoned HVAC systems help you battle hot and cold areas throughout the home. This type of installation offers targeted temperature control so you can heat or cool the rooms you want instead of every room in your house.

Customized Comfort Settings

A zoned installation gives you a new level of control over your home temperatures so you can cater to everyone in the house. If you prefer a cooler temperature in the master bedroom, but the kids are chilly at night, you can adjust your zones to accommodate everyone’s needs individually. You’re no longer required to agree or even compromise on temperature settings when you have a zoned system in your house.

Lower Utility Costs

Without HVAC zoning, you’re likely paying to heat and cool unoccupied parts of the home. You can stop sending heating and cooling to places where it’s not needed and cut back on your energy usage. As your utility bills shrink, you can recoup some of the cost of this initial installation. To further enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system, have your ducts sealed so air isn’t escaping.

If you’re interested in installing a zoned HVAC system in your home, contact Certified Heating and Cooling Inc. at (239) 204-4114. We’ll help you decide what type of zoning layout is best for your space so you can start enjoying the perks of an enhanced HVAC system.

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